Regional Park Ballincollig

The park extends over one and half miles on the south bank of the river Lee and includes sports fields, woods and meadows. 

The parkland area is very flat and has a good arrangement of large paths making the area buggy friendly. Interesting route choice is provided by the limited number of crossing points along the canals and millraces which run throughout the park. No doubt a building or ruin will be one of your control sites due to the very large number of these dotted right throughout the park.

Click here for details of our permanent orienteering course at the Regional Park in Ballincollig.

Map Scale: 1:7,500
Parking: There is a large car park at park entrance.

Park Trivia
  • The Ballincollig gun powder mills were established in 1794. The canal system and millraces fed by the river Lee was developed in increase gunpowder production. On its banks and hidden in the woods can be see the remains of the sixty or so stone buildings which made up the mills complex. The mills closed in June 1903.
  • The canal was fed from a weir on the River Lee. The entrance was controlled by sluice gates.


Regional Park Ballincollig (MIDDLE CAR PARK)