Fota House

The Fota estate now comprises 47 hectares of land including parkland, gardens and arboretum. This new orienteering area was mapped in 2010 and encompasses Fota House and Gardens. 

The terrain is mainly flat parkland with numerous paths which makes the area buggy friendly. There are pockets of forest run on the northern part of the map towards the Fota railway stop. The gardens themselves provide an intricate arrangement of small paths which requires attention to detail to avoid confusion and significant time loss.

Map Scale: 1:5,000
Parking: Parking is available on the grounds. However there is a €3 fee to exit the car park.

Fota Trivia
  • The house has over 70 rooms, ranging in size from the more modest servant rooms to the large and beautifully proportioned principal rooms.

  • Fota's arboretum and gardens are internationally recognised and have the finest collections of rare and tender trees and shrubs grown outdoors in Ireland and Britain.


Fota House