James' Fort

Is located on Castlepark peninsula in Kinsale harbour, downstream on the River Bandon from Kinsale and overlooking the town. Charles Fort is located on the opposite side of the harbour. 

The area is comprised of open hillside and has plenty of building ruins. The earthen moat surrounding the fort can present some navigation challenges and forces diverse route choices. Other interesting features on the map include the sandy beach and tunnels near the fort
(see picture below).

Map Scale: 1:5,000
Parking: A one way system is in operation on the approach road into James’ Fort and parking is along the left side of this road.

Fort Trivia

  • Before James's fort was constructed, an earlier medieval fortification existed on the site. Construction of James's Fort, which is named after James I of England and VI of Scotland, started in 1602 - immediately after the Siege of Kinsale. The new fort was constructed to designs by Paul Ive (to replace the older medieval structure) and was completed in 1607.
  • It is a pentagonal Fort with Spear shaped earthen Bastions at the corners.  Inside a rectangular Bawn is a Stone Castle with two square towers.  Underground tunnels link the fort to the Block House, a Hexagonal Fort on the water’s edge.


James' Fort