Warrenscourt Wood

Warrenscourt comprises 110 hectares of gently sloping woodland with a northerly aspect overlooking the Buingea river. There are two entrances to the forest one at Warrenscourt and the other at Kilmurry. 

Near the Warrenscourt entrance there is a nice grassy area boarding the river. This area also has some giant poplars reaching 30 meters towards the sky. The heart of the forest has some lovely forest run however it is interspersed with areas of impenetrable undergrowth. One of the more impressive features in the wood are the very large boulders see if you spot them on your travels.

Map Scale: 1:10,000
Parking: There is a car park at the entrance to the forest.

Forest Trivia
  • This area was once part of the Warrenscourt demesne. Its Oak and Beech woodlands having become depleted during the 2nd world war were restocked with mainly conifers in the early sixties.

  • The forest road which is a tree lined avenue of beech and sycamore was once known as the “Butter Road”, used by farmers to bring their butter to the Cork market.

  • Watch out for the statue of An Sagart Paroiste Domhnall O Suilliobhain.


Warrenscourt Wood