Blackrock Urban Race Route Analysis

posted 14 Nov 2019, 02:06 by Elaine Sheridan   [ updated 14 Nov 2019, 02:07 ]

The Blackrock Urban Race planner Josh O'Sullivan Hourihan has kindly put together the following route analysis from some of the legs from Sunday's Long course. Some of these legs were also common on the Medium course.

Check out the distance comparisons to see if you took the optimum routes on Sunday. 

 Start to 1
 Leg 1-2
Leg 2 -3
Leg 4 - 5
Leg 5 - 6
Leg 7 - 8

Leg 9 - 10

                                Leg 10 - 11

Leg 11 - 12
                          Leg 16 - 17

Blackrock Urban O Sunday November 10th Results and Report

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Many orienteers were spotted racing around the Blackrock area of Cork city on Sunday morning as over 77 orienteers participated in our Blackrock Urban Orienteering Race. The opportunity to race on a brand-new map attracted competitors from near and far to the event.

With a number of participants living on the map it was great to see many folks walking or cycling to the event. We were also delighted to welcome a number of Waterford orienteers to the event. WATO are presently running an urban orienteering league and have visited a number of towns to date. Their members experience at street navigation was evident in Sunday’s results. For those that enjoyed their experience of urban racing on Sunday then why not consider attending WATO’s next urban event on Sunday November 17th at Fethard in Co. Tipperary. It was great to see a group of girls from the Bishopstown Brownies participating at the event. We hope you all had fun on the day.

The bright sunny morning accentuated the picturesque nature of this part of the city on the banks of the river Lee. This area is always a hive of activity with rowers, runners, walkers and cyclist and on Sunday morning orienteers added to this mix. The crisp dry morning was perfect for an urban orienteering adventure.

Some of the course lengths were a little deceptive on the day. As with most urban races the straight-line route is rarely an option on many legs. Competitors have to read the map and determine the best route to a control avoiding cul de sacs and uncrossable terrain in the process. All courses began on the steps on the northern side of the Atlantic pond and for most competitors their first leg led directly south of the start kite across the pond so their first decision was which way to round the Atlantic pond clockwise or anti-clockwise. From here the courses ventured further south into the streets, estates and parks in the Blackrock area. The Long course taking competitors as far afield as Beaumount Park. There were several long legs on all the courses were competitors had to navigate their way around the network of estates and roads to reach their control sites. The later stages of the course took competitors to the Marina park and along the Blackrock greenway. The narrow lane leading down to the old rail way line seemed to cause difficult for some on the day. Careful map reading was required to spot this lane which led down to the old Blackrock railway platform.

For many competitors on the day this was their first exposure to urban orienteering. So we hope you all enjoyed the challenge and had fun.

If you missed the event then why not check out the results page as the event has been added to Route Gadget so you can check out the new map and courses that were on offer on the day. Some folks have already added their routes so you can compare their route choices with your own.

There was a close battle for the Long course event winner honour on the day with a mere 14 seconds differentiating the top two finishers over the 5.7km course. Zach Harrington narrowly edged out Darren Burke to claim the top spot when he finished in a time of 40:32. Darren Burke was hot on his heels and completed the testing course in a time of 40:46. Jens Waechter punched all 18 controls in a time of 43:35 to take the final podium spot.

On the 3.7km medium course Rob McEvoy was the course winner. He completed the course in a superb time of 33:34 and had a comfortable winning margin. There was however a very close contest for the runner up honour and Brid Casey from WATO took the spot when she punched all 10 controls in a time of 38:31. David Bosonnet finished third in a time of 39:52.

On the Short A course, it was WATO’s Liam Casey who led the field when he completed the 2.6km in an incredibly fast time of 21:47. Runner up was Billy Cabal who punched all 11 controls in a time of 27:01. The final podium spot went to Deirdre Mannix who punched the finish in a time of 32:12.

The 1.9km Short B course proved the most popular on the day and it was Chiara Bosonnet who emerged as the course winner when she finished the course in a time of 13:51. There was another close battle for the runner up spot with a meagre 3 seconds separating the next two finishers. Danny, Oisin & Fionn O’Hare were the Short B course runners up. They pooled their navigation skills and punched all 11 controls in exactly twenty minutes to edge passed WATO’s Eimer Casey. Eimer took third place finishing in a time of 20:03.

Well done to all who participated on the day. Full individual results including route gadget for the event are available at the following link:

Huge thanks to Josh O’Sullivan Hourihan for planning four testing course. Unfortunately, Josh couldn’t attend on the day but we are hugely grateful to him for all the work he put into this event. Massive thanks also to Conrad Daly for organising the event. Thanks too,to John Scannell and Robert O’Connor for assisting with registration, data entry and refreshments and to Danny O’Hare for assisting with control collection.

We are also very thankful to Pat Healy for generating a lovely new map for us to enjoy and also to Cork City Council for giving us permission to stage the event in this area.

Our next orienteering event will take place at Kilworth Camp on Sunday December 15th so be sure to add this date to your orienteering diaries.

Blackrock Urban-O, Cork City, SUNDAY NOVEMBER 10TH Event Info

posted 28 Oct 2019, 14:30 by Elaine Sheridan   [ updated 5 Nov 2019, 15:32 ]

Cork Orienteering Club invite you to join us on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 10th at our Blackrock Urban Orienteering Race. We are very excited as this will be the first race on our brand new map of the Blackrock area of Cork city. So be sure to add this date to your orienteering diaries.

In a change from our usual events which typically take place in forests, parks or on open mountain terrain, at this event competitors will be navigating their way around the streets, parks and estates in the Blackrock area of Cork City. There will be courses to suit all levels of orienteering experience as well as all ages and fitness levels.

Urban orienteering has its own set of unique challenges for orienteers to master. In particular the map will have a few different features to be aware of. The new map is drawn to ISSOM 2007 standards so it will be forbidden to cross any of the following features on the map:

    - Dark green: impassable vegetation
    - Thick black line: impassable wall or fence
    - Olive green: area with forbidden access
    - Hatched purple: out-of-bounds area
    - Water features outlined in black: uncrossable body of water

We would also ask all participants to refrain from entering private property or water channels, or hopping any walls higher than waist-height.


There will be four courses on offer on the day:

Long Course 5.7km, 18 controls, A3 map
Medium Course 3.6km, 10 controls, A3 map
Short A Course 2.6km, 11 controls, A4 map
Short B Course 1.9km, 11 controls, A4 map (no road crossings)

There will be no road closures for the event so participants should take care near moving traffic and exercise caution when crossing roads on the Long, Medium and Short A courses. As a result all competitors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult on these courses. For these courses distances above are based on straight line between controls. Real course length is likely to be at least 40% more based on optimal route choice and longer again based on non-optimal route choices! 

As the Short B course has no road crossing it is suitable for all ages young and old.


Competitors can start anytime from 10am to 11am.


Registration and parking for the event will be at the Shandon Boat club end of the Marina as illustrated on the map below. Competitors will then have a short 600m walk to the start which will be adjacent to The Atlantic Pond.

All participants will be asked to sign a form at registration to acknowledge the risks associated with racing on public streets.

Please let us know by Friday November 8th if you are bringing a group to this event as we wish to ensure we have enough maps.

Entry Fees

Senior €7
Student and Over-65 €5
Juniors €4
Family €16

Electronic punching will be used for this event and SI-Card Hire is €2.

Groups rates by request.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Blackrock area.

If you've any questions do get in touch.

Munster League #7: Knocknagalty Sunday October 6th Results and Report

posted 8 Oct 2019, 16:09 by Elaine Sheridan   [ updated 9 Oct 2019, 01:51 ]

Knocknagalty Wood in Limerick was the destination for the seventh event in the Munster League. Although the weather on Saturday in the Munster region was pretty miserable and wet thankfully Sunday turned out to be a much more enjoyable day. Those that made the journey to Knocknagalty got to enjoy orienteering on technical terrain with some wonderful scenery and picturesque forest.

The planner set out six challenging courses with lots of route choices for competitors. If you missed the event you can check out the courses on route gadget. For those that attended on the day why not up load your route to compare your choices to those of your fellow competitors.

There was some fierce competition on all the courses on the day. On the 6.8km Brown course it was Darren Burke who led the field. He completed the course in a time of 59:01 to claim first place. Hot on his heel was runner up Jens Waechter who finished in a time of 61:53. While Dan McDonnell took third place when he finished in a time of 68:24.

On the 5.3km Blue course Mikey Alvarez was the convincing course winner. He punched all 13 controls in a time of 53:44 which gave him a comfortable winning margin over runner up John Scannell. John punched the finish in a time of 62:32 and had a mere five seconds to spare over third place finisher Joshua Hoare.

On the Green course Pat Cadogan topped the leader board when he finished in a time of 70:49. The runner up spot went to Maya Buckley who punched all 12 controls in a time of 77:25. Third place went to Natsuko Cotter who finished in a time of 83:02.

On the Light Green Ted Feehan set the pace when he finished in an incredibly fast time of 44:08. The runner up honour went to Zane Kramina who punched all 10 controls in a time of 52:48. The final podium spot on the Light Green course when to Jim O’Donovan when he finished in a time of 67:23.

Mary McGrath was the winner on the Orange course when she completed it in a time of 29:05. Josephine O’Keeffe won the Yellow course finishing in a time of 44:10.

Well done to all who participated on the day. Full individual results with splits times are available at the link below. Don’t forget that route gadget is also available so why not add your route to the mix.

A thumb compass was found at the event so if you attended and are missing your thumb compass please do get in touch and we can re-unite you in time for your next event.

Huge thanks to Brian Corbett for planning and organising the event. Thanks also to Niamh Corbett for assisting on the day and to all those who assisted with control collection.

Our next event will see a return to some Urban orienteering as we take to the streets and terrain around Blackrock in the city for the Blackrock Urban Race. The event will take place on Sunday November 10th. A brand-new map has been developed for the event which should present some interesting challenges to all those who take part. If you enjoyed our Urban race in Kinsale town last year than be sure to mark this date in your orienteering diary. It should be an exciting event.

Hope you can join us on the day.

Munster League #7: Knocknagalty, Limerick Sunday October 6th Event Info

posted 1 Oct 2019, 14:33 by Elaine Sheridan   [ updated 1 Oct 2019, 14:38 ]

Event 7 of the 2019 Munster League will take place this Sunday October 6th at Knocknagalty, (Galty Wood), near Kilbeheny on the Limerick/Tipperary border. Mixed forestry, good road/track network.

Brown 6.8 km
Blue 5.6 km
Green 4.4 km
Light green 3.2km
Orange  2.9km
Yellow  2.9km

Competitors can start anytime from 11am to 12:30pm.
Please let us know by Friday if you are bringing a group - to ensure we have enough maps.
Course closing time is 2.30pm - controls will be removed at this time.
All courses stay in the forest area & all private land & pasture is strictly Out-Of-Bounds.
Courses are not buggy-friendly because of some rough tracks.

Galty Wood is very accessible from Cork (~40 minutes) and Dublin (~2hours) via the M8 motorway.

Carpark at grid reference R 87913 18824

* From Cork city, take the M8 northbound as far as Junction 12, signposted Mitchelstown/Kilbeheny. Take the R639 through the village of Kilbeheny. Take the 2nd left turn, 1km after Kilbeheny (Signs for Kings Yard & Coillte ) and then a right turn. Follow O-signs.

* From Dublin/Waterford, take the M8 southbound and exit at Junction 11, signposted Kilbeheny/Skeheenarinky. Follow the R639 south, passing Kilcoran Lodge & Glengarra Wood, on your right. Continue past 1st sign to Kings Yard at Skeheenarinky until you come to 2nd sign for Kings Yard/Coillte as above.

Prices: Senior e7; Student, over-65 e5; Junior e4; Family e16; SI-Card Hire e2. Groups rates by request.

Hope you can join us.

CorkO Winter Strength and Conditioning Class Started MONDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd

posted 30 Sep 2019, 05:43 by Elaine Sheridan

Last winter we held a successful Conditioning class throughout the winter. 16 of us did a weekly session improving our flexibility and balance. Personally it helped me to avoid injuries and improve my running.

This winter we'll again be doing a class with professional trainer Robbie Williams in his Fitnessworx Gym on the Tramore Road in Cork city.

When:- 8pm on Monday evenings
Start-date:- Monday 23rd Sept
Duration:- 12 weeks
Cost:- ~€70 depending on numbers taking part

All fitness levels welcome, everyone can do the exercises at their own pace. Non-CorkO members welcome. There's a discount for CorkO members.

We have 20 places so email me NOW at dannyohare (at) gmail (dot) com to reserve a place.

Autumn League #5: Regional Park Ballincollig Tuesday September 17th Results and Report

posted 25 Sep 2019, 12:27 by Elaine Sheridan

The final event in the CorkO Autumn League took us to the Regional Park Ballincolling on Tuesday September 17th. There has been a lot of developments in the park over the last number of years which have greatly enhanced the amenities on offer in the park and make it a very popularity destination. So, on a glorious sunny Autumn evening it was wonderful to see so many people in the park participating in all manner of outdoor activities such as running, walking, soccer and cycling. The 50+ participants at our final Tuesday evening event of the year added to the mix.

The planner set out two great courses. The short was a nice loop around the centre of the park while the long was a more adventurous affair. It began with a number of short fast legs to the west of the start area before taking competitors across the pitches in the centre of the park to control 8. Another series of short legs followed in the area of runnable forest at the eastern end of the park. On exiting the forest participants passed by one of the beautiful wild flower meadows which looked especially colourful on the night.

The leg from 11 to 12 took competitors to a newly mapped area of the park. During the summer months access to the park was extended on the most easterly section of the map. This new area includes a lovely walk way along the river as well as the restoration of some of the historic buildings and the careful positioning of some large mill stones which illustrate the park’s rich heritage as a former Gunpowder Mill. Unfortunately, the two controls in this area proved troublesome for many on the night. Some folks didn’t pay close enough attention to the map and the uncrossable crags and high fence caused issues on the night. Those looking for a fast route to exit from control 13 were left disappointed as the quickest way out was probably the route in. Although I believe some competitors did mange to squeeze their way through a small gap in the fence!

Once on the right side of the fence it was a fast run to control 14 before a return to the charming runnable forest for another few short legs. Competitors were homeward bound at this stage but sadly control 17 in the rough open and surrounded on most sides by undergrowth caused difficulty for many as there was only one relatively easy way to approach this control site. Once punched there was a quick dash across the canal again to control 18. As with several of the legs which took competitors in a westerly direction on the night the low evening sun made it difficult to look straight ahead. So, I hope no one collided into the goal post en route to this control. From here there was one final control to punch before a sprint to the finish.

Niamh Corbett stormed to victory on the 4.7km Long course. She punched all 19 controls in a blistering timer of 30:35 to not only earn the title of the fastest lady around Ballincollig but also claim the overall event winner honour. Niamh made short work of the testing course and had a comfortable winning margin over event runner up Conrad Daly. Conrad finished in a time of 33:22 and was the fastest man on the night. Not far behind Conrad was Darragh Hoare who punched the finish in a timer of 33:39. The third fastest man on the night was Brian Corbett who complete the course in a time of 34:12.

As mentioned already Niamh Corbett was the event winner and the fastest lady on the night. There was a very close battle for the runner up spot with only nine seconds differentiating our next two finishers. Caroline Murray edged out Sinead O'Donoghue to take the runner up title having finished in a time of 46:46. Sinead claimed the final podium spot when she punched the finish in a time of 46:55.

On the Short course it was Eve Buckley who took the event winner title. She punched all 11 controls in an incredibly fast time of 16:02. The runner up spot went to Sarah Hoare who finished in a time of 21:10. Clare Nutall took third place when she punched the finish in a time of 24:06.

Well done to all who participated on the night. Full individual results with split times are available at the following link:

Huge thanks to Gerald Duffy for planning and organising the event. Thanks to Dave O’Donovan for taking care of starts and to Niamh and Mary Murphy and Conrad Daly for assisting with registration and control collection on the night.

As always, we are very grateful to Cork City Council for giving use permission to use of this wonderful amenity.

That’s it for Tuesday night orienteering for this year. We hope you enjoyed some great outdoor adventures with us.

If you are looking for something challenging to do over the winter months then why not consider joining us at Fitness Worx on Monday nights for our winter Strength and Conditioning Class.

Autumn League #4: Doneraile Forest Park, 14th Annual Cliona Callanan Memorial Orienteering Event Results and Report

posted 19 Sep 2019, 14:16 by Elaine Sheridan   [ updated 19 Sep 2019, 14:16 ]

The Event Organisers were delighted with the day

The fourth event in the CorkO Autumn League saw large crowds gather in Doneraile Forest Park on Sunday morning for the 14th Annual Cliona Callanan Memorial Orienteering Event. The beautiful September morning further enhanced the majestic nature of this park.

The great weather encouraged many to get out and enjoy the outdoors and there were over 120 people in attendance on the day. With all proceeds from the event going to the Children’s Leukaemia Association entrants not only got to enjoy exercising in this glorious park on a lovely day but also helped support this great cause. We are delighted to report that €1232 was raised on the day. Jim, Rosemary and the whole Callanan family are sincerely thankful to everyone who attended and supported them on the day and gave so generously to this cause.

With three courses on offer on the day there was something to suit all levels of orienteering experience. We were thrilled to welcome the Mallow Scouts back again this year for another orienteering adventure. We hope you all enjoyed the challenge and wonderful setting.

With 26 controls on the 5.5km Long course there was no let up on the navigation and at the finish just 21 seconds differentiated our top two finishers. Dan McDonnell took the long course event winner title when he punched the finish in a time of 33:20. Hot on Dan’s heels was Niamh Corbett who completed the testing course in a time of 33:41. Niamh’s dad Brian claimed the final podium spot when he completed the course in a time of 35:29.

Meanwhile on the 3.7km Medium course it was Patrick O'Grady who led the field home completing the course in an impressive time of 28:09 securing himself a comfortable winning margin over runner up Ted Feehan. Ted punched all 16 controls in a time of 34:08. Third place went to Yann O'Suilliabhain who finished in a time of 35:58.

There was lots of competition on the 2.6km Short course and it was Alec O’Brien who took the Short course event winner title. Alec punched all 10 controls in a time of 30:22 to secure the win. Trevor, Shay, Bobby, Harry and Billy pooled their navigational skills to complete the course in a time of 33:05 and claim the runner up spot in the process. Further team work assisted Anita, Callum, Saoirse, Fintan and Ava to third place. They punched the finish in a time of 35:45.

Thanks again to all those who supported the event and well done to all who participated. Full individual results with split times are available at the following link:

Huge thanks to Jim Callanan for planning and organising the event. Special thanks also to Liam O’Brien and the Sleeman-Power, O’Leary-Fitzpatrick and Lucey families for helping with the event.

We very much appreciate the assistance of Cork Schools Orienteering Association (CSOA) who gave us use of their map for the event.

We are very grateful to the OPW and the staff of Doneraile Park for permitting us stage the event in this wonderful location.

Thanks also to Christy Collins, Director with the Children’s Leukaemia Association for attending 

Once again huge thanks to everyone else who supported the event in any way.

 O'Grady and Vettraino Families, Killavullen Mallow Scouts O'Suilleabhain Family and Christy Collins, Children's Leukaemia Association

Autumn League #5: Regional Park Ballincollig, Tuesday September 17th Event Info

posted 14 Sep 2019, 14:11 by Elaine Sheridan   [ updated 14 Sep 2019, 14:11 ]

The fifth event in the CorkO 
Autumn League will take place at the Regional Park Ballincollig on Tuesday September 17th.

The park extends along the south bank of the river Lee and the terrain is mixed parkland, with fast grass and path sections, some forest run and some undergrowth. The land was originally part of the Ballincollig Gunpowder Mills and the eastern end of the park is where the many ruins of the old Gunpowder Factory are still visible. Interesting route choice is provided by the limited number of crossing points along the canals and millraces which run throughout the park.

Short course is 2.3km with 11 controls. 
Long course is 4.7km with 19 controls. 

- The canal is to be crossed using the foot-bridges only.
- Course closes at 7.30pm.  All controls will be removed at this time.

Competitors can start any time between 5:30pm and 6.30pm from the middle car park of the park.

The event will start from the MIDDLE CAR PARK of Ballincollig Regional Park, behind the church in Innishmore, 10km west of Cork city.

From the roundabout in the centre of Ballincollig main street (beside Tesco), head North down past Tesco, take the first left, then turn right after the church. The park car park is on the right.

Follow the link below for a map and other park info:

Parking is limited and is used by the allotments, so please car pool, use public transport or cycle if possible. Excess parking may be available on the public road in front of the church.


Hope you can join us!

Autumn League #4: Cliona Callanan Memorial Orienteering Event Doneraile Forest Park Sunday September 15th Event Info

posted 12 Sep 2019, 04:33 by Elaine Sheridan

The 4th event in the CorkO Autumn League will take place on Sunday September 15th in Doneraile Park. This will be the 14th Annual
Cliona Callanan Memorial Orienteering event and all proceeds on the day will go to the Cork Children's Leukaemia Association.

Hope you will come along and take advantage of the opportunity to experience this magnificent setting and sample the wonderful parkland terrain. It is sure to be a fun event and with numerous picnic tables and a large children's playground it caters well for families and offers plenty of post run entertainment. The Tea Rooms will also be open on the day.

With courses to suit all the family and no orienteering experience necessary, it's a great opportunity to encourage your family, friends or colleagues to sample this exciting sport at this very popular venue. You can run, jog or just stroll along any of the courses on offer. For our regular Autumn League followers there are two additional courses at this event for those that feel they are ready to take on a more challenging course.

Short 2.6 km,10 controls
Medium 3.7km, 16 controls
Long 5.5 km, 26 controls

IMPORTANT NOTE: Strictly no entry to deer enclosures or cattle pastures (marked Out of Bounds on the maps), also no entering lakes or river and no climbing or crossing walls or fences in the Park.

Competitors can start anytime between 10:00am and 1pm.

As money cannot be collected inside the Park (OPW directive), registration will take place outside the park near the entrance. Park your car as usual in the car park and stroll back out to pay. Start, Finish and Download will all be located inside the park near the main car park.

Doneraile Park is a short 45 minute drive from Blackpool. Travel north to Malllow and on to NewtwopotHouse, on the main Cork - Limerick Road and turn right. Doneraile is located on the R581 regional road 8 km east of the N20. It is about 12 km north of Mallow town. Doneraile Park is situated on the Northern edge of Doneraile town. Drive straight through the pretty Georgian village, across the Awbeg river, a branch of the Blackwater and the Park entrance is located on your right (opposite the entrance to the local Golf Club and Nagle/Rice secondary school).

Follow the link below for a map and other park info:

If anyone is planning on bringing a large group, please let us know in advance to facilitate printing of maps. You can contact us at

Hope you can join us and help support a very worthy cause.

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