Irish Orienteering Association AGM - Saturday May 29th at 5pm

posted 12 May 2021, 05:35 by Elaine Sheridan   [ updated 12 May 2021, 05:35 ]

The AGM of the Irish Orienteering Association will take place on Saturday 29th May at 5pm.

Zoom will be in use again this year.

Notice of the Agenda and Motions for the AGM were posted on the IOA website last Friday.

This information can be viewed at the link below.

We would encourage everyone to register to attend the AGM on the 29th. The link to do this is here:

IOC Virtual Relay 2021

posted 28 Apr 2021, 16:17 by Elaine Sheridan   [ updated 28 Apr 2021, 16:18 ]

Almost a year has passed since the IOA marked the lack of IOC 2020 with a virtual relay, they never thought we would be in a similar place a year later.

This weekend the IOA will be running the IOC Virtual Relay again. The plan is to give competitors a little more flexibility this year and run at any point on Saturday 1st May or Sunday 2nd May, submitting your entries by Sunday evening.

They are hoping to beat last years record entry of over 200 runners. You run, jog or walk a 2km circular route – it is important that you finish where you start. No maps or navigating required!

So why not join in this weekend with the IOC Virtual Orienteering Relay event. Full details are listed below.

Teams consist of three runners and run times will be graded according to their age category. This is explained further here. By using age grading we hope that all your members will benefit and every member of your club from the youngest to the oldest member will join in the fun!

There is also the possibility for each participant to enter their run for a second team with friends or family from different clubs under the mixed category.

There is a link to the google entry form here which must be completed by each team member, ensuring the team name is consistent! Entry deadline is Friday 30th April at midnight.

Trees For Cliona

posted 20 Mar 2021, 08:24 by Elaine Sheridan

Since 2006, the Callanan family and friends have organised the Clíona Callanan Memorial Orienteering Event in Doneraile Park to raise funds for the Children’s Leukaemia Association. Sadly, this event like so many others couldn’t happen in 2020.

So in 2021 the Callanan family are embarking on a new project.

March 21st to 27th is National Tree Week and in normal times there would be lots of wonderful planting events taking place during the week. This year everything must proceed on a more low-key basis.

However, during National Tree Week the Callanan family will be undertaking their own magnificent planting venture.

They are hoping to plant 300 native trees in their field to mark Clíona’s 30th birthday, which they celebrated in January. Throughout the week, they will be planting Alder, Birch, Crabapple, Hawthorn, Hazel, Oak, Rowan, Scots Pine, Wild Cherry and Willow.

You can lend your support to this beautiful and fitting tribute to Cliona by visiting their GoFundMe page at the following link:
All money raised from this project will go to the Children’s Leukaemia Association.

The Children’s Leukaemia Association supports and assists families in every way possible during and after their child’s treatment for leukaemia and other cancers. The CLA receive no government funding and rely entirely on voluntary contributions from the public.

You can visit their website to find out more on the great work being carried out by this association.

DIY Orienteering

posted 15 Feb 2021, 15:12 by Elaine Sheridan

DIY orienteering lets you try out an orienteering event, in your own time, for free! If any of the courses listed below are near you then why not try them out. You can access the map via the links below. Print it out and try to find your way around. 

How does it work?

There are three types of courses:

Virtual Courses
These are generally old events which orienteering clubs have made public. There are no fixed markers. If you think you are in the right location, just move on and look for the next point! These are an excellent way to try out a real orienteering course in your own time, without any pressure.

Permanent Courses
These courses have fixed markers which tell you if you are in the right location. These are great for trying out the more complicated courses which you can find at a real-life event. Find out more about permanent courses.

App-based Courses
Simply download the app, open the course and run around. The app will tell you when you reach the correct location. Apps currently in use include ‘Sporteering’ and ‘MapRunF’. See further information on instructions on using MapRunF in the attachment below.

In all cases, you can run as often as you wish. Try to beat your time from your previous attempt! Submit your time on our leaderboard and challenge your friends or family!

Where can I go in Cork?

Blackrock (App-Based Courses)
Navigate your way around the streets, parks and estates in the Blackrock area of Cork City. 

Course Options
Long: 4.2km, 16 controls
Short: 1km (Beaumount Park), 17 controls
Short On Paths:  <1km Beaumount Park, 10 controls

Regional Park Ballincollig (Permanent Courses)

The park extends along the south bank of the river Lee and the terrain is mixed parkland, with fast grass and path sections, some forest run and some undergrowth. The parkland area is very flat and has a good arrangement of large paths making the area buggy friendly.

The land was originally part of the Ballincollig Gunpowder Mills and the eastern end of the park is where the many ruins of the old Gunpowder Factory are still visible. On its banks and hidden in the woods can be see the remains of the sixty or so stone buildings which made up the mills complex. 

Course Options
Long: 15 controls
Medium: 10 controls
Short: 5 controls

Maps available at the following link:

Farran Forest Park (Permanent Courses)

Located on the southern shore of Inniscarra lake and provides panoramic views of the tranquil waters and surrounding countryside.

The forest itself is comprised of a fine network of paths making the area very suitable for first time orienteers and ideal for families particularly those with young children with plenty of buggy friendly paths. The adventure playground a short distance from the car park can also provide some post course entertainment for the younger competitors.

A notable feature is the wildlife enclosure which holds a small herd of Red and Fallow deer which can easily be viewed from the path which skirts the boundary fence. The diversity of tree species in the wood provides a wide variety of very distinctive odd trees which are frequently used as control sites. The off the paths terrain is fast runnable forest however there is some repetitive crag detail which can often cause some confusion.

Course Options

Medium: 3.3km, 16 controls
Short: 1.5km ,10 controls

Maps available at the following link:

Find more information on other DIY Orienteering courses at the following link:

Mapping Workshops for First Time Mappers

posted 14 Feb 2021, 04:20 by Elaine Sheridan   [ updated 14 Feb 2021, 04:38 ]

Hope everyone is keeping well. It has been some time since we've had the opportunity to orienteer but I hope you are all finding new ways to keep active and stay fit.

If you've missed the challenge of reading maps then perhaps you might be interested in considering a new map related challenge.

If you would like to learn a new skill in 2021 then why not consider mapping!

The IOA is pleased to announce a series of introductory mapping workshops aimed at the first-time mappers. Over a progressive series of four workshops participants will be learn to:

  1. Complete an urban sprint orienteering map that complies to international standards.
  2. Complete an orienteering map of a park / school grounds.
  3. Geo-reference and make small updates to any orienteering map
Each workshop will last 90 minutes. It will run from 7.30pm to 9pm. The 4 workshop dates are:

Feb 22nd, March 1st, March 8th and March 15th.

Each participant will be given an OCAD 2020 license for 6 weeks beginning Feb 20th.The booking link for Club Members is (cost is only €25)

Booking Link for non Club Members is ( cost is €50)

To access the event the password is 'ocad2018'

Shandon Urban Orienteering Heritage Route - Competition

posted 2 Sept 2020, 12:59 by Elaine Sheridan   [ updated 2 Sept 2020, 13:07 ]

Calling all creative and artistic orienteers. While many of our usual competitive orienteering events have cancelled or postponed this year here is an orienteering competition with a bit of a difference which is being run by Cork City council.

Shandon Urban Orienteering Heritage Route
Cork City council have launched a new initiative to cast a close eye on the Shandon area of the city. Part of this initiative is the development of a permanent urban orienteering route in the area. The Shandon Urban Orienteering Heritage Route will wind its way through streets, alleys and parks to spotlight the buildings of this Architectural Conservation Area. 

The permanent orienteering course will take participants to five 5 checkpoints in the Shandon area. These checkpoints will be located at key points of interest on the following streets; 
  • North Mall
  • Blarney Street
  • Shandon Street
  • Bob & Joan Walk
  • Popes Quay
Each checkpoint will be uniquely identifiable by a tile and each tile will have
  • The universal orienteering symbol
  • A QR code
  • Simple graphic black and white image
As part of this initiative a public competition is being organised to decide on the graphic images that will appear on these 5 tiles.

People are encouraged to go out and look at these areas with fresh eyes, draw what they see and submit photographs of their drawings. The winning images will be printed as permanent markers at each checkpoint location and winners will receive a special edition print of their own work.

The project is being delivered by Roisin Burke, Abarta Heritage and artist Sheelagh Broderick, who both have a strong track record in facilitating public engagement projects in a variety of settings with the support of Cork City Council Conservation office. This project is funded through the Cork City Heritage Plan with support from Cork City Council, the Heritage Council and Creative Ireland.

Entry Details

IMPORTANT: Closing date for receipt of entries is 30th September 2020.

Firstly, take a look at the built environment around each checkpoint area and create a simple graphic black and white image. It could be an interesting window frame, railing, doorway or rooftop or something else entirely different. Send us what interests you. The 5 winning entries will be permanently sited at the checkpoint locations and a prize of the winning tile will be presented to each winner at the launch of the route.

The tile will be 6 inches square and also hold the universal orienteering symbol and a QR code that will link to a webpage with more information about the location. See sample tile:

Further information on how to submit entries is available on the Cork City Council Orienteering webpage at the following link:

This is a wonderful opportunity for some creative and artistic orienteers to leave a permanent mark on the city streets.

Just for Fun - IOC 2020 Virtual Relay

posted 7 May 2020, 01:04 by Elaine Sheridan

The IOC Relay Championship were due to take place last weekend but sadly like many sporting events were cancelled.

However, this weekend for a bit of fun the Irish Orienteering Association have organised a Virtual Orienteering Relay race.

So why not join in this Sunday with the IOC Virtual Orienteering Relay event.  

On Sunday morning, you run, jog or walk a 2km circular route – it is important that you finish where you start.

No maps or navigating required! Full details are listed below.

If you would like to represent team CorkO in this virtual race please get in touch. Darren Burke has kindly agreed to be the CorkO team manager so if you are interested in competing in this fun event you can let him know my emailing him at elite at orienteering dot ie

Team CorkO needs you!

IOC 2020 Virtual Relay Details
In the absence of the IOC 2020 relay and with the hope that you will enjoy a little competition all be it from a distance and sadly without a map, we have decided to run a virtual relay. You run your leg of your relay with your household or on your own, observing social distancing and your own local rules. You submit your time via google form and we collate them to see how your team gets on.

Here are some of the finer details, but all of the information will be submitted via google form which can be found at the bottom of the article.

Entry deadline midnight, Friday May 8th. (GMT)

Run to take place between 9am and midday on Sunday 10th May GMT. (there is an option for changing run time available in the form, by special request , so don’t let that stop you entering!)
PLEASE AGREE YOUR TEAM WITH YOUR TEAM MATES PRIOR TO ENTERING- each team member must complete the form themselves so they must have all the team members names.
INDIVIDUALS can select random if you want to enter as an individual and be allocated a team.
Results must be submitted via google forms before the deadline of 1 pm (GMT) on Sunday 10th May, (please allow for your internet speed!) You will need to submit with a screen shot of your run on Strava or similar app!
Rules are laid out on the form, basically the organisers decision is final! (please be patient if there are hiccups, see next note)
Note: This is for fun!
So as LVO put it on their social media please enter whether you are a

Super fast whippet
Enthusiastic sheep, or
Leisurely hedgehog

What to do next:

Decide a team with your club members and/or friends. (Your ONE run can count in two teams, one club and/or one mixed )
Or enter as an individual and be randomly allocated a team.
Enter (each team member must fill out the form so we can send you the link to upload results.)
Record your run of 2 km with start and finish at the same place.
Submit results via google form with evidence as stated above.
The results are collated by Darren and we see how your team gets on!

Of course we would love to see your run via social media, so it would be great if you could take photos and or video or even go live on your social media and tag IOA!

In the words of Michael Lunt, ” just go out and have a good time” (check previous article for reference.)

Oh and here is the link to the entry form.

Virtual Junior Table Quiz

posted 27 Apr 2020, 10:13 by Elaine Sheridan   [ updated 27 Apr 2020, 10:14 ]

Thanks to the O’Brien clan the Irish Orienteering Association are still going to be able to host the annual Table Quiz normally held at the IOC – we will just host it virtually. 

The quiz will take place on Saturday, 2nd May at 8:30pm and will be hosted on Zoom and Kahoot. 

The fee per household is €10 and registration is taken as participants donate via the following link:

The link to the quiz and further instructions will be sent by receipt email after the donation. All proceeds will go to the ISPCC Childline.

Orienteering Podcast

posted 24 Apr 2020, 16:55 by Elaine Sheridan

CorkO's Josh O'Sullivan Hourihan recently did a podcast for Orienteering Ireland were he chatted with his brother Zac about training pre and post the current restrictions as he prepares for the World Orienteering Championship 2020.

Sadly, WOC 2020 like so many races and events has been postponed until later in the year and Josh discusses how he is dealing with the postponements and cancellations of various races and how he has adapted his training plan to deal with this.

The podcast also includes some questions and answers from some of his instagram followers.

It is well worth a list as there are some interesting insights into the training schedule, discipline and motivation required to represent Ireland and compete on the international orienteering stage.

Easter Greetings!

posted 13 Apr 2020, 07:28 by Elaine Sheridan   [ updated 13 Apr 2020, 07:29 ]

Wishing all our members and supporters a very Happy Easter!

At the start of another busy orienteering year we could never have imagined how the year would unfold and how so many restrictions would be put in place for our own safety.

So we hope you are all coping ok with the different challenges we are faced with as a result of this pandemic. We hope you are all well and staying safe. If another is in need of assistance during this isolation period we would be happy to assist in what ever way we can.

In these strange and different times it is hard to predict when we will get back to competitive orienteering and enjoying the sport we all love so much.

In the meantime if Ballincollig Regional Park or Farran Forest Park are in your 2km zone then why not try the permanent orienteering courses there on one of your daily exercise excursions.

You can find more details on the link below:    

Or alternatively, if you are stuck indoors with no training equipment then perhaps you would like to try some circuit training. GEN orienteering clubs usual winter circuit training session with Colleen Robinson(Setanta) has been extended and during this Covid-19 isolation period it is now continuing online via Zoom meetings. They have an open invite to all orienteers from around the country to join them and you can find further details at the following link:

Hope you are finding innovative ways to keep active in these unusual times. 

Stay well and stay safe and just to re-iterate if you do need assistance in any way please do get in touch here.

Cork Orienteering Club

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