Most orienteering courses are of the point-to-point variety, with a start, a series of controls to be visited in a designated order, and a finish. In the Summer League, we have two courses on offer each week:

Short: 2 - 3 km, suitable for families, juniors and beginners
Long: 5 - 5.5 km


This is an example of a beginner's course. It has five controls which must be visited in the order in which they are connected and numbered - though the orienteer is not constrained to following the lines (it's easier to go out of your way a bit and use a track etc.). With the course comes a description sheet, describing the exact location of the control flag within the circle drawn on the map. The description sheet for this course is given below:

SHORT, 2.5km, 75m climb
Start Corner of field
1 212 Path Junction
2 203 Stream Junction
3 206 SW Corner of Veg. Change
4 210 SW Side of knoll
5 219
Navigate 350m to Finish

The description sheet defines:
  • The number of the controls (as shown on the map)
  • The control code (usually 200-240) that will be attached to the flag that is at the correct location
  • A description of the control feature, including (where appropriate) the part of the feature where the flag is hung