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The hill of Corrin is a prominent landmark south of Fermoy and covers an area of 111 hectares. The hill rises from the surrounding plain to a height of 222 metres and from the summit there are spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. This steepness means the terrain can be very physical. In the northern and eastern sections of the wood there are several paths tiered along the hill which cross each other at various points which can cause much confusion if you fail to observe the crossing as some of these paths terminate in the undergrowth. 

One of the more striking man made features in the wood are the 14 Stations of the Cross which run from the car park to the summit. If your course does take in the hill top be sure to take a moment to appreciate the view. 

Map Scale: 1:10,000
Parking: There is a car park at the forest entrance.

Forest Trivia
  • Corrin Wood is a very historical site. The mound at the summit forms a ‘Carn Thiernagh’ which dates back over 3000 years to the Bronze Age.  The Druid Mogh Ruith is said to be buried here. Encircling the summit are the remains of a ring fort which dates to the early Iron Age.

  • A large stone cross was erected in 1933 on the summit beside the carn .The cross makes an impressive image especially when it is illuminated at night during Christmas and Easter.


Corrin Hill Wood