Munster Orienteering Championships 2017
Knocknagalty, Glencush, Co. Limerick
Sunday 19th November

Planner: John Chandler (CorkO)
Controller: Thomas Callery (WATO)
Organiser: John Scannell (CorkO)

Date:    Sunday 19th November 2017
VenueR 874 200.  The parking & assembly area will be located at Kings Yard

Entries Now Open
Entries are provided by Fabian4 online entries.  Secure payment of entry fees is by credit card only.
Closing date for entries is Sunday 5th November.

Start TimesStart times will be from 11am to 12:45pm.

Map Scale: 1:10 000  with 5m contours. 
Revision Update August/September 2017 by Pat Healy,  Brian Corbett & John Chandler.
Original 1986 Map below.  Maps will be in heat-sealed polythene bags. (not waterproof paper).

Original Map

The competition area of Knocknagalty is located on the SE side of the Galtee Mountains.  The terrain consists of two steep sided wooded valleys, Coopers Wood and Monabrack Wood, separated by fields, young forestry plantations and dry rough open.  These valleys join to form a wider, flatter valley which is heavily forested, Galtee Castle Wood.  All three areas are a mix of variously aged spruce and larch plantations with sections of mature beech and pine forest.  The runnability varies with the vegetation and steepness and the wood is generally very dry underfoot.
Entry Fees:

 Senior    Junior Family Student M/W65+ Unwaged
 €16 €8 €42 €13 €13 €13

All days will use SPORTident electronic punching. SI cards will be available for hire (€2 per day) through the online entry system. 
Lost cards will be charged at €35.  

Classes & Course Details:
The usual range of class options are available including M/W21E.

R 874 200.  The parking & assembly area will be located at Kings Yard which is located 7km from junction 12 of the M8, signposted to Kilbeheny.   

Parking, Assembly & Registration:
Details to follow.

Start & Finish:
Details to follow.

Course Closing:
All competitors are to report back to the Finish & SI-download station by 2:30pm, control collection will begin at this time.

Presentation of prizes will begin at approximately 2.15pm.

Terms and Conditions
  • In the interests of livestock welfare and future orienteering access to these areas, dogs will not be allowed on the competition terrain. When in the assembly areas, we request that dogs be kept on leads and under control.
  • Entry details will be stored on a computer. This data will not be used for any purpose other than matters related to this orienteering event, and will not be shared with any unrelated third parties. It will not be possible to process an entry for anyone objecting to having their details so recorded.
  • The organisers reserve the right to withhold all or part of the entry fee in the event of cancellation.
  • Orienteering is an adventure sport. Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.
  • Completion of the online form implies agreement to these conditions.