Ballyannon Wood

Ballyannan Wood is a beautiful mature mixed woodland of 24.5 hectares, located at the end of Dyers Road in Midelton on the Owenacurra Esturary. It is an ancient woodland that has been continuously wooded for over 350 years. The forest is comprised primarily of sycamore, beech, Scots pine, oak, ash, Lawsons cypress, larch, and Sitka spruce. The name Ballyannan, or Baile Ui Anain, means Hannons Homestead. Ballyannan townland was owned by the Hodnett family from the 13th or 14th century. By 1653, Sir John Broderick, a Cromwellian Settler, had turned the castle built by the Hodnetts into a fortified Tudor mansion. The castle lies outside the woodland, but old stone walls and banks, stone gate pillars, and ruined cottages and boathouses remain within the wood as a reminder of the past. Within the wood there are also two large holes where gravel was quarried for building and road repairs. 

Although the area is quite small mistakes are easily made due to the temptation to go direct to controls. One junction in the centre of the wood has six paths off it which can cause some confusion thus a compass is a useful aid for navigation and relocation.

Map Scale: 1:5,000

Parking: Generally provided on a slip road and competitors will be required to walk ~1km to the forest entrance.