Munster Orienteering Championships 2017

Knocknagalty, Glencush, Co. Limerick

Sunday 19th November

Planner: John Chandler (CorkO)

Controller: Thomas Callery (WATO)

Organiser: John Scannell (CorkO)

Date:    Sunday 19th November 2017

Venue: R 874 200.  The parking & assembly area will be located at Kings Yard

Entries Now Closed.

Entries are provided by Fabian4 online entries.  Secure payment of entry fees is by credit card only.

Closing date for entries is Sunday 5th November.

Map Scale: 1:10 000  with 5m contours. 

Revision Update August/September 2017 by Pat Healy,  Brian Corbett & John Chandler.

Original 1986 Map below.  Maps are A3 in size and will be in heat-sealed polythene bags. (not waterproof paper).


The competition area of Knocknagalty is located on the SE side of the Galtee Mountains.  The terrain consists of two steep sided wooded valleys, Coopers Wood and Monabrack Wood, separated by fields, young forestry plantations and dry rough open.  These valleys join to form a wider, flatter valley which is heavily forested, Galtee Castle Wood.  All three areas are a mix of variously aged spruce and larch plantations with sections of mature beech and pine forest.  The runnability varies with the vegetation and steepness and the wood is generally very dry underfoot.

Final Details: 

This event could not take place without the kind permission of the landowners, the Ryan and Cunningham families, they have allowed us access to areas of rough open as well as pasture, the vast majority of the pasture land is strictly out of bounds and marked with red stripes on the map, anybody crossing these areas will be disqualified. Certain areas may be crossed, these are the areas of open that are not marked by red stripes. Fences can only be crossed at marked crossing points, all of these will be marked on the ground in addition to on the map. Anybody crossing fences at other points will be disqualified.

Vehicles approaching Kings Yard are asked to be cautious as competitors approaching the finish will be running on the access road.


There are compulsory crossing points on two legs, these are marked on the ground and indicated on the map by the course line passing through each crossing point. They will also be marked on the description sheets, using the following symbol as per IOF Descriptions:


anyone not using these crossing points will be disqualified.

There are 3 river crossing points marked on the map, these crossing points are the safest areas to cross and will be marked on the ground, these are optional. In the event of heavy rain and flood conditions these crossing points may be mandatory.

There is an additional area of out of bounds marked in Galtee Castle Wood, this is the start area for the remaining courses, this area is to be avoided.

There will be a drinks control on courses 1-3 at which water will be provided. Spectators are allowed to watch competitors from this control which is around 300m from the assembly.


The route to the start of these courses passes through the competition area, please stick to the marked route as the forest is out of bounds. 

Entry Fees:

All days will use SPORTident electronic punching. SI cards will be available for hire (€2 per day) through the online entry system. 

Lost cards will be charged at €35.  

Classes & Course Details:

NB: ***There are more than 30 controls on the M21E course - please ensure that you use the SI-Card that you entered with.

Control descriptions will be on the map & also available at the starts.


R 874 200.  The parking & assembly area will be located at Kings Yard which is located 7km from junction 12 of the M8.   

Best access to Kings Yard is from Skeheenarinky - there is a metalled road all the way to assembly.  The event will be signposted from here. Follow O-Signs.  For traffic coming from the North/Dublin (leave at exit 11 off M8 in direction of Kilcoran/Glengarra/Kilbeheny)

(For traffic heading from the South/Cork (leave at exit 10 off M8) we advise to follow the signs from Skeheenarinky rather than taking the earlier signed route from just after Kilbeheny)

Safety Information

Whistles will be compulsory and a ‘No Whistle, No Go’ rule will be strictly enforced.  Full leg cover is obligatory. 

Given the time of year and recent weather conditions, Competitors should also assume that cagoules could be mandatory.

A notice will be displayed on entrance to the assembly area indicating whether it is compulsory to wear a cagoule on the day.

All competitors should carry a compass and be able to use one. 

NB:  The longer courses may have to cross a stream/river.  Depending on the preceding few days weather, the water level may change.  Crossing points are indicated on the map and marked on ground.  Depending on water flow - guide-ropes my be placed there to assist your crossing.

Parking, Assembly & Registration:

Parking is located at Kings Yard, due to space requirements we would ask people to make a special effort and car pool.  Please advise is if you plan on bringing a mini-bus type vehicle.  Please follow the instructions of the parking marshals.

NB: There is a car-park charge of €2 per car - CorkO will be covering this for all orienteering vehicles - so you do not have to pay.

Hire SI-Cards can be collected from SI-download cabin and late entries can pay their fees here.

Start & Finish:

Start times will be from 11am to 12:45pm.

It is a punching start.  There are two starts. A near start (S1), for Courses 1-3 is about 200m (3 mins) from the assembly, the far start (S2) for Courses 4-12 is located 600m (11 mins) away.  Both of them are South of the assembly area.  So take care walking out of the yard against any incoming vehicles.


After finishing, you must download your card at the SI Download station before going back to your car/changing.  The SI Download station will be located in the "Kitchen" in the middle of the yard at the assembly area.

All non-finishers must report back to the finish & SI download station.

Failure to comply with this could lead to WASTEFUL & UNNECESSARY "search & rescue" operations being initiated on your behalf - you will also be disqualified from the competition and could become subject to significant costs imposed by the SAR people.

Course Closing:

All competitors are to report back to the Finish & SI-download station by 2:30pm, control collection will begin at this time.


Presentation of prizes will begin at approximately 2.30pm.


A toilet is available next to the rest room/shop at assembly.

Tuck Shop

Kings Yard operate a small tuck shop.  Tea/Coffee & snacks will be available on the day.  Please support.

Terms and Conditions