2013 Summer League Prize Winners

Post date: Jul 20, 2013 11:16:40 PM

The appearance of some late league finishers at Curragh Wood on Tuesday evening resulted in a bit of shuffling in the results table and some of the early league leaders were demoted down the leader board, the overall results have been updated, checked and verified and we can reveal that the 2013 Summer League prize winners are as follows:


Long Course Men's League

WINNER:                  Cillin Corbett                     (10pts)

Runner-up:                Donal Murphy                       (14pts)

3rd:                          Brian Corbett                        (15pts)

4th:                          Jonathan Lucey                    (16pts)

5th:                          Aidan Kelleher/Danny O'Hare (24pts)

Long Course Women's League

WINNER:                  Niamh Corbett                    (6pts)

Runner-up:               Ailbhe Creedon                     (8pts)

3rd                           Trishia O'Mahony                  (12pts)

4th:                          Elaine Sheridan                    (17pts)

5th:                          Liz Deane                            (29pts)

Short Course League

WINNER:                 Joe Bosonnet                          (9pts)

Runner-up:               Sarah Fitzgerald                        (32pts)

3rd:                         Sienna Bosonnet                       (43pts)

4th:                         Jamie Condon                           (54pts)

5th:                         Barry Ryan                               (55pts)

6th:                         Jerry Moynihan                         (60pts)

7th:                         Finbarr Scannell/Kate Coleman  (69pts)

9th:                         Rachel Fitzgerald                      (87pts)

10th:                       Sarah Scannell                         (95pts)

11th:                       Helen Cogan                            (105pts)


Team South (71pts)

Aidan Kelleher,

Dermot O'Sullivan

Dave Sweeney

Pat Rodgers

James O'Keeffe

Justin Crowley

Liz Deane

Christine Maunsel

Joe Bosonnet

Sienna Bosonnet

Gillian O'Leary

Ruby Scannell

Fiadh O'Leary

Full Individual Results are available here.

Full Team Results are available here.


If there are any errors or omissions please contact us here.


Prizes will be presented at approximately 7:45pm following the BBQ at the Farran Forest Park Event on Tuesday 23rd of July.



If you didn't manage to achieve one of the top places in the league don't worry all league finishers will receive a specially designed T-shirt. Similar to last year to avoid waste and ensure that you receive a T-shirt that fits you correctly we will have some sample T-shirts available at the Farran Forest Park event for you to try on. We will then order your desired size and you can collect it at any of our Autumn League events.

So far we have 73 league finishers and the following people can still qualify for a T-shirt if they run on Tuesday, so do come out and compete.

Kearney Family

John O'Donovan

John Kissane


Fiona Craven

Aisling Power

Eimear Harrington

Hope to see you there