Action and Reaction to Fota Short Course

Post date: May 24, 2012 12:32:11 PM

The terrain at Fota House and Gardens may have been flat but Joe Bosonnet reveals the highs and lows of his run on the Short course on Tuesday night.

"Nice flat course at Fota but very technical. Found the first few controls easily but found it hard to find number seven. I did not beep number eight and ten properly and ended up a DNF. Found the next few controls without any trouble but struggled on number seventeen, which was well hidden in the trees! Looking forward to Watergrasshill next week!" by Joe Bosonnet (Team Bosonnet)

Thanks Joe for providing your thoughts on the Short course at Fota. Like a true champion in the making Joe doesn’t seem too disappointed with his result and is already looking ahead to the next event.

If you find the courses on offer quite technical our club coach Danny "the Champion of Fota" O'Hare has lots of great tips and techniques for orienteering which he is always eager to share. I’m sure he even has a drill for fast punch training that he could share with Joe! Also we have several club members who are always willing to provide assistance at the event so please be sure to ask if you need any guidance.

We at Cork Orienteering Club are always delighted to get feedback on our events. So feel free to give your comments to the event organisers or alternatively you can use the contact form on the website.