Assessing the real impact of a small mistake

Post date: Jul 08, 2012 12:4:48 AM

Orienteering, in its popular competitive form, is a time trial and one of the main elements should be to reduce time loss. There are three main areas where you can lose time: mistakes, route choice and slow technique. We've all made mistakes when out orienteering and while the time spent searching aimlessly for the control may fly by. When we re-locate and eventually find the control the post course splits analysis allows us to calculate the real impact of our slip up.

Joe Bosonnet has kindly provided an account of his run on the Short course in Ballyannon Wood and has calculated the cost of two of his misadventures.

"Muddy and hilly course at Ballyannon. Found number one, two, three and four easily but really struggled on five as I fell into the mud and also took the wrong path! I found it after twenty two minutes! Found six and seven easily but it took me six minutes to find eight. Found nine ten with out a problem and finished with a time of 43:18!

Me on number five!

" by Joe Bosonnet (Team Bosonnet)

Joe's Splits Graph

Ballyannon Wood Short Course