Autumn League #1: Currabinny Wood, Ringaskiddy TUESDAY AUGUST 27TH Event Info

Post date: Aug 23, 2019 12:36:1 PM

Hope you are all well rested after our orienteering break and are now eager to get back out for some more evening orienteering.It is time to dust off your SI card and root out your o-shoes as the first event in the Cork Orienteering Club Autumn League will take place on Tuesday August 27th at Currabinny Wood, Ringaskiddy.Currabinny Wood is located on a prominent hill on a peninsula overlooking Cork Harbour. Legend has it that this wood’s name commemorates a giant, Binne whose burial chamber surmounts the hill (‘Corra’) to this day. Famed for it's hills and giants the area also has other unique features such as a quaint gazebo. So no doubt there will be interesting and challenging courses on offer at Tuesday's event.-----------------------COURSE INFOShort course: ~3km, follows trail paths (buggy friendly).Long course: ~4.6km.  There are a few sections where full leg cover is required, with bramble undergrowth on some route selections.--------------------


The wood is located 5km from Ringaskiddy or 7km from Carrigaline. The event will be signposted from the turn off from the Carrigaline - Ringaskiddy road.

Further woodland trivia and directions are available at the link below.



Start anytime between 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

All controls will be removed from the forest at 8pm sharp.



The wood is always popular with the locals in the area and the car park isn't huge so we would encourage you to car pool if you can. When parking please give some consideration for others who may wish to enter/exit the wood while you are on your run.

If a few people could start late and help collect all controls at 8pm it would be much appreciated.

Hope to see you there!