Blackrock Urban-O, Cork City, SUNDAY NOVEMBER 10TH Event Info

Post date: Oct 28, 2019 9:30:22 PM

Cork Orienteering Club invite you to join us on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 10th at our Blackrock Urban Orienteering Race. We are very excited as this will be the first race on our brand new map of the Blackrock area of Cork city. So be sure to add this date to your orienteering diaries.

In a change from our usual events which typically take place in forests, parks or on open mountain terrain, at this event competitors will be navigating their way around the streets, parks and estates in the Blackrock area of Cork City. There will be courses to suit all levels of orienteering experience as well as all ages and fitness levels.

Urban orienteering has its own set of unique challenges for orienteers to master. In particular the map will have a few different features to be aware of. The new map is drawn to ISSOM 2007 standards so it will be forbidden to cross any of the following features on the map:

    - Dark green: impassable vegetation

    - Thick black line: impassable wall or fence

    - Olive green: area with forbidden access

    - Hatched purple: out-of-bounds area

    - Water features outlined in black: uncrossable body of water

We would also ask all participants to refrain from entering private property or water channels, or hopping any walls higher than waist-height.


There will be four courses on offer on the day:Long Course 5.7km, 18 controls, A3 map

Medium Course 3.6km, 10 controls, A3 map

Short A Course 2.6km, 11 controls, A4 map

Short B Course 1.9km, 11 controls, A4 map (no road crossings)

There will be no road closures for the event so participants should take care near moving traffic and exercise caution when crossing roads on the Long, Medium and Short A courses. As a result all competitors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult on these courses. For these courses distances above are based on straight line between controls. Real course length is likely to be at least 40% more based on optimal route choice and longer again based on non-optimal route choices! 

As the Short B course has no road crossing it is suitable for all ages young and old.


Competitors can start anytime from 10am to 11am.


Registration and parking for the event will be at the Shandon Boat club end of the Marina as illustrated on the map below. Competitors will then have a short 600m walk to the start which will be adjacent to The Atlantic Pond.

All participants will be asked to sign a form at registration to acknowledge the risks associated with racing on public streets.

Please let us know by Friday November 8th if you are bringing a group to this event as we wish to ensure we have enough maps.

Entry Fees

Senior €7

Student and Over-65 €5

Juniors €4

Family €16

Electronic punching will be used for this event and SI-Card Hire is €2.

Groups rates by request.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Blackrock area.

If you've any questions do get in touch.