Cork Orienteering Club Merchandise

Post date: Jul 02, 2012 11:6:23 PM

Why not add some style to your orienteering and treat yourself to some new O-gear. We've just launched a new Merchandise page on our Summer League website which details Cork Orienteering Club's current stock of O-gear. This stock includes

* O-Tops

* O-bottoms

* SI cards and

* Orienteering Techniques Book

all available at discounted prices to our valued club members.

While some fashion boutiques would launch with some fanfare and maybe even a fashion show here at Cork Orienteering Club we've done the next best thing.

As many of our members already have our trendy O-tops we've snapped them in action at various events sporting our club colours. It's not your typical catwalk but check out the slide show below to see our latest range of O-tops!

These technical orienteering tops from the world's leading supplier of orienteering clothes (Trimtex) might even help improve your times.

Failing that the professional look is sure to intimidate your opponents in the start box which just might be enough to give you the edge!

Be sure to check out our O-gear stock and if you wish to place an order please contact us with details of the items which interest you and we'll arrange to get the goods to you.