DIY Orienteering

Post date: Feb 15, 2021 11:12:30 PM

DIY orienteering lets you try out an orienteering event, in your own time, for free! If any of the courses listed below are near you then why not try them out. You can access the map via the links below. Print it out and try to find your way around. 

How does it work?

There are three types of courses:

Virtual Courses

These are generally old events which orienteering clubs have made public. There are no fixed markers. If you think you are in the right location, just move on and look for the next point! These are an excellent way to try out a real orienteering course in your own time, without any pressure.

Permanent Courses

These courses have fixed markers which tell you if you are in the right location. These are great for trying out the more complicated courses which you can find at a real-life event. Find out more about permanent courses.

App-based Courses

Simply download the app, open the course and run around. The app will tell you when you reach the correct location. Apps currently in use include ‘Sporteering’ and ‘MapRunF’. See further information on instructions on using MapRunF in the attachment below.

In all cases, you can run as often as you wish. Try to beat your time from your previous attempt! Submit your time on our leaderboard and challenge your friends or family!

Where can I go in Cork?

Blackrock (App-Based Courses)

Navigate your way around the streets, parks and estates in the Blackrock area of Cork City. 

Course Options

Long: 4.2km, 16 controls

Short: 1km (Beaumount Park), 17 controls

Short On Paths:  <1km Beaumount Park, 10 controls

Regional Park Ballincollig (Permanent Courses)

The park extends along the south bank of the river Lee and the terrain is mixed parkland, with fast grass and path sections, some forest run and some undergrowth. The parkland area is very flat and has a good arrangement of large paths making the area buggy friendly.

The land was originally part of the Ballincollig Gunpowder Mills and the eastern end of the park is where the many ruins of the old Gunpowder Factory are still visible. On its banks and hidden in the woods can be see the remains of the sixty or so stone buildings which made up the mills complex. 

Course Options

Long: 15 controls

Medium: 10 controls

Short: 5 controls

Maps available at the following link:

Farran Forest Park (Permanent Courses)

Located on the southern shore of Inniscarra lake and provides panoramic views of the tranquil waters and surrounding countryside.

The forest itself is comprised of a fine network of paths making the area very suitable for first time orienteers and ideal for families particularly those with young children with plenty of buggy friendly paths. The adventure playground a short distance from the car park can also provide some post course entertainment for the younger competitors.

A notable feature is the wildlife enclosure which holds a small herd of Red and Fallow deer which can easily be viewed from the path which skirts the boundary fence. The diversity of tree species in the wood provides a wide variety of very distinctive odd trees which are frequently used as control sites. The off the paths terrain is fast runnable forest however there is some repetitive crag detail which can often cause some confusion.

Course Options

Medium: 3.3km, 16 controls

Short: 1.5km ,10 controls

Maps available at the following link:

Find more information on other DIY Orienteering courses at the following link: