O'Hare assists McEvoy in obtaining the Summer League title

Post date: Jul 14, 2012 7:33:48 PM

Danny O'Hare's sprint finish in Glenbower Wood meant he bet Brian Corbett by just 4 seconds (check out their splits graph in the Splits Browser) and in the process denied him a share of the 2012 Summer League title. Thus Rob McEvoy maintained the outright lead and was crowned Summer League Champion.

In fantasy football leagues players are awarded points for assists but unfortunately this isn't the case in our orienteering Summer League. So although Danny O'Hare assisted Rob McEvoy to becoming the 2012 Summer League Champion he received no extra points for his efforts but it does mean they both make the headlines in John Walshe's orienteering feature in Saturday July 14th issue of The Evening Echo.

Thanks to John for yet another great feature. Once again if you missed it in the print edition you can read the full article below.