Report on Inauguration of The Regional Park Ballincollig's latest Amenity

Post date: Dec 02, 2012 1:41:55 AM

Thanks to all those who came out on Saturday morning to take part in the inauguration of the permanent orienteering course in the Regional Park Ballincollig. This is the first joint venture between the Parks and Amenities section of Cork County Council and Cork Orienteering Club. The park itself is comprised of 130 acres and it is great now to be able to add orienteering to the list of amenities the park has to offer visitors.Thankfully we were very fortunate with the weather and those in attendance got to enjoy a glorious bright dry morning in the park. Several of those in attendance opted out of the competition on the day choosing instead to collect the map for use at a later date or they enjoyed a more leisurely stroll around the park. Francis Harrington took the honour of being the first competitor out on the course and throughout the morning various individuals and families followed in his foot steps....come quite literally!With such perfect conditions for orienteering expectations were high for a fast opening time on the new course and John Scannell didn’t disappoint. He was quickest on the day punching all 16 controls in a time of 29:14 which means he claims the bragging rights and earns himself the distinction of setting the course record. Francis Harrington was second on the day completing the course in a time of 31:24 and Ken O’Neil took the final podium spot with a time of 37 minutes.Full results are available here.Some photos of the official launch and those competitors in action on the day can be viewed here.

We would like to extend a HUGH thank you to all those involved with realising this project. Cork Orienteering club members David O’Donovan, Gerald Duffy and Bobby O’Connor were responsible for planning the course, updating the map and painting the markers. David in particular invested a lot of time in this development liaising with the various groups involved and all his great work has helped produced a terrific facility which countless numbers will get to enjoy for many years to come.

Thanks also to Margaret Long from Cafe Chico who sponsored the markers and who will facilitate the purchase of the maps at The Regional Park (Western Entrance) going forward.

We also appreciate the efforts of Vincent Florish and Noelle Desmond from the Recreation and Amenities Section of Cork County Council and the park crew who erected the markers on the sites identified by David.

Finally, if you missed the launch event fear not, it is after all a permanent orienteering course so from now on the map is available to download free of charge from the Cork Orienteering club website.

Printed maps are also available to purchase from Café Chico, The Regional Park (Western Entrance). For details of Café Chico opening hours please log onto . So now you can go orienteering whenever it suits you best. Remember if you do venture out on the course and manage to visit all the controls in less than the current course record of 29:14, please do let us know.

Shown below are just some of the competitors in action on the day.