Shandon Urban Orienteering Heritage Route - Competition

Post date: Sep 02, 2020 7:59:53 PM

Calling all creative and artistic orienteers. While many of our usual competitive orienteering events have cancelled or postponed this year here is an orienteering competition with a bit of a difference which is being run by Cork City council.

Shandon Urban Orienteering Heritage Route

Cork City council have launched a new initiative to cast a close eye on the Shandon area of the city. Part of this initiative is the development of a permanent urban orienteering route in the area. The Shandon Urban Orienteering Heritage Route will wind its way through streets, alleys and parks to spotlight the buildings of this Architectural Conservation Area. 


The permanent orienteering course will take participants to five 5 checkpoints in the Shandon area. These checkpoints will be located at key points of interest on the following streets; 

Each checkpoint will be uniquely identifiable by a tile and each tile will have

As part of this initiative a public competition is being organised to decide on the graphic images that will appear on these 5 tiles.

People are encouraged to go out and look at these areas with fresh eyes, draw what they see and submit photographs of their drawings. The winning images will be printed as permanent markers at each checkpoint location and winners will receive a special edition print of their own work.

The project is being delivered by Roisin Burke, Abarta Heritage and artist Sheelagh Broderick, who both have a strong track record in facilitating public engagement projects in a variety of settings with the support of Cork City Council Conservation office. This project is funded through the Cork City Heritage Plan with support from Cork City Council, the Heritage Council and Creative Ireland.

Entry Details

IMPORTANT: Closing date for receipt of entries is 30th September 2020.

Firstly, take a look at the built environment around each checkpoint area and create a simple graphic black and white image. It could be an interesting window frame, railing, doorway or rooftop or something else entirely different. Send us what interests you. The 5 winning entries will be permanently sited at the checkpoint locations and a prize of the winning tile will be presented to each winner at the launch of the route.

The tile will be 6 inches square and also hold the universal orienteering symbol and a QR code that will link to a webpage with more information about the location. See sample tile:

Further information on how to submit entries is available on the Cork City Council Orienteering webpage at the following link:

This is a wonderful opportunity for some creative and artistic orienteers to leave a permanent mark on the city streets.