Splits Analysis with Joe Bosonnet

Post date: Jun 04, 2012 7:53:27 PM

One of the benefits of the SI system in orienteering is the availability of splits graphs which clearly demonstrate where time was lost on a course.

Shown opposite is Joe Bosonnet's splits graph. Joe finished 3rd at the event in Watergrasshill with an excellent time of 26:27 however his splits reveals what might have been.

Although speedy Joe had the fastest splits to controls 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 on the Short course at Watergrasshill (very impressive running!) unfortunately it seems two small slip ups proved costly.

Joe has kindly provided another great report and discloses what actually happened on legs 2-3 and 7-8.

"Nice flat enough course at Watergrasshill. Found number one easily but made a map error on number two. I eventually found it after five minutes. Found number three, four, five and six without any problems but misjudged the distance between number seven and number eight but eventually found it after six minutes. Ended up coming 3rd in a time of 26:27.Very happy with my result and looking forward to James Fort next week." by Joe Bosonnet (Team Bosonnet)

Thanks Joe for the post route analysis.

Watergrasshill Short Course Map