Summer League #11: Farran Forest Park SprintO, BBQ & Prize-Giving Results and Report

Post date: Jul 25, 2013 12:2:56 AM

Following ten fiercely competitive events in the Cork Orienteering Club Summer League our league Champions were declared and the eleventh and final event in this year’s league was all about having some orienteering fun. Farran Forest Park on the southern shores of Inniscarra lake was the destination and the event saw the return of some Sprint-O.The glorious sun shine that we experienced over the last few events is slowing becoming a distant memory as the more familiar Irish weather returns. There were a few very heavy rain showers in the early part of Tuesday evening but thankfully the clouds parted and the blue skies appeared and it remained mostly dry for the duration of the event. So although the caterers feared at one point that we might cancel the BBQ, little did they know that orienteering is an outdoor adventure sport and the threat of rain would never deter our regular follows from participating! There were over 75 competitors in action on the night with many of these comprised of groups of families, friends and colleagues.We apologies to any early entrants who had to pay to enter the park we had been assured that the barrier would be raised during the time window we specified. So following an initial delay a convoy of cars entered the park.Thanks to Brian and Cillin Corbett the Farran map has been updated and the event format was Sprint-O with two Sprint courses on offer on the night. So depending on how much of an appetite you wanted to work up for the post event BBQ you could opt for the Short or Long Sprint O course. Participants were encouraged to engage in some head to head contests by starting within a minute of a fellow competitor of the same ability and trying to chase each other around the course. Several of those that participated in groups could be seen and heard from the start area debating which way they were facing once handed their map. Once pointed in the right direction they were off and running.The two Sprint courses provided competitor with plenty of route choice and lots of changes in direction and both courses presented participants with the same challenge regarding determining the fastest way around the deer enclosure. Remember the Sprint-O rule, if it looks 50/50 don’t waste precious timing debating it just pick a route and run. On the Long course depending on your route choice on leg 9-10 the aroma of BBQ food might have quicken your pace over the final few controls.

While some elected to savour the panoramic views of the tranquil waters and surrounding countryside, judging by the results others didn't do too much relaxing on the course and just couldn't suppress their competitive side. Once they heard the first beep there was no stopping their instinct to run!

On the Sprint-O Long course just 24 seconds separated the top three finishers but it was Feargal O’Shea who was fastest on the night, he completed the 3.4km course in a time of 23:14.  A surprise late visit from CorkO member Colm O’Halloran saw him take second place on the Long course and he was just 10 second behind Feargal. Pat O’Donovan took the final podium spot with a time of 23:38 a mere 14 second adrift of Colm. Proving every second matters in Sprint-O.

The fastest Lady on the night was once again Ailbhe Creedon who finished the course in a time of 28:49. This impressive run also saw her finish 6th in the overall results on the Long course. Second place when to Enda Dineen with a time of 33:43 and Helen Stone took the final podium spot with a time of 35:35.

On the Short Sprint-O course Joe Bosonnet proved once again why he is the 2013 Short Course Champion by adding another win to his collection. He finished the course with a very impressive time of 25:41. Second place went to Sarah Healy who completed the Short course in a time of 28:22. Sienna Bosonnet also maintained her run of podium finishes by taking third place on the night finishing in a time of 30:39.Thanks to all who competed on the night we hope you enjoyed the Sprint-O format. Full individual results and splits are available here.The Corbett family took a break from competitive action this week and special thanks to all of them for staging this event. Thanks to Brian and Cillin for updating the map following some recent felling in the wood. Further thanks to Brian for planning the fun and challenging Sprint courses. Thanks also to Liz and Niamh for taking care of registration and data entry.Thanks also to Dave O’Donovan for helping with starts on the night.--------------------------------



Following all the orienteering escapades in the forest all participants were rewarded for their efforts on the night and throughout the league as all entrants got to enjoy a truly fantastic BBQ in the National Rowing Centre a mere 50m from the event start. It was great to see so many families and individuals enjoying the orienteering and the BBQ. The canteen in the rowing centre with its striking views provided an ideal location for some socialising and important post route discussions.

CorkO would like to thank Mick O’Callaghan of The National Rowing Centre for allowing us access to their facility and a huge thanks to the catering staff on the night for the fabulous food. They were kept pretty busy serving all the hungry orienteers.

Once all participants had been served their tasty grub the 2013 Summer League Prize-Giving got under-way (a little later than advertised....sorry!)

Prizes were awarded to the top five finishers on the Long course and all 13 members of the winning team received a goodie bag while all league finishers on the Short course were awarded medals.

A number of families demonstrated their orienteering prowess throughout the 2013 Summer League and as a result they featured prominently in the winners list. No member of the Corbett family went home empty handed as all four of them bagged prizes on the Long course. On the Short course it was the turn of the Bosonnet family as they led the way there. Followed closely by the Scannell and Fitzgerald families.

It was tremendous to see the sheer delight of many of our junior prize winners at their wonderful achievements. You can check out some of these happy campers and our other winners in the photo gallery here.

So congratulate to our 2013 Champions Cillin Corbett, Niamh Corbett and Joe Bosonnet and congrats to all our winners and medallists they are all very deserving victors. The complete list of recipients is as follows:

Long Course Men's League

CHAMPION: Cillin Corbett

Runner-up:    Donal Murphy

3rd:              Brian Corbett            

4th:              Jonathan Lucey        

5th:              Aidan Kelleher/Danny O'Hare

Long Course Women's League

CHAMPION:   Niamh Corbett

Runners-up:    Ailbhe Creedon  

3rd                 Trishia O'Mahony  

4th:                Elaine Sheridan      

5th:                Liz Deane                

Short Course League

CHAMPION:            Joe Bosonnet          

Runner-up:               Sarah Fitzgerald          

3rd:                         Sienna Bosonnet            

4th:                         Jamie Condon                

5th:                         Barry Ryan                      

6th:                         Jerry Moynihan              

7th:                         Finbarr Scannell/Kate Coleman

9th:                         Rachel Fitzgerald                      

10th:                       Sarah Scannell                        

11th:                       Helena Cogan                            


Sean Bosonnet

Chiara Bosonnet

Issac Bosonnet

Jim Kearney

Conor Kearney

Buggy-O Finishers

Caoimhe & Aisling Power

Aisling O’Mahony

Short/Long Course Finishers

Kyle Holland

Matthew Kearney

David Moylan

Liam Twomey

Jack O’Donoghue

Oisin O’Sullivan

Aoife O’Sullivan


Team South (71pts)

Aidan Kelleher,

Dermot O'Sullivan

Dave Sweeney

Pat Rodgers

James O'Keeffe

Justin Crowley

Liz Deane

Christine Maunsel

Joe Bosonnet

Sienna Bosonnet

Gillian O'Leary

Ruby Scannell

Fiadh O'Leary




The Summer League mini-clothes shop was also open and taking orders in Farran. Anyone who attended six events is eligible for a league finishers t-shirt. Check out the T-Shirt tab in the overall results table here to see if you qualify. If you haven’t given me your size please do get in touch with me to order your preferred size (S/M/L or appropriate age for juniors).

Finally, I would just like to thank everyone for taking part in the Summer League events without you it wouldn't have been possible. Once again it was a very competitive league this year and we hope you enjoyed the experience. Thanks also to all who completed our Summer League survey on Tuesday night your feedback is much appreciated. Many of you seemed very intrigued by the idea of night orienteering.

Here in Cork Orienteering Club we’ll be taking a short break from orienteering but don't worry we will be back in action again on Tuesday the 27th of August in Currabinny Wood for the start of the Autumn League. Remember you will also be able to collect your Summer League t-shirts at any of the Autumn League events.

So enjoy the break and hopefully see you back and refreshed at the Autumn League.