Summer League #9: Moanbaun Wood, Tuesday July 9th Results and Report

Post date: Jul 11, 2019 10:15:4 AM

Moanbaun Wood near Watergrasshill was the destination for the ninth event in the 2019 CorkO league. This was the penultimate competitive event in the summer league and close to 90 competitors converged at the wood. Many were eager to complete the 2019 summer league and bag themselves a trendy league finisher t-shirt while others having already completed their six events were focussed on improving their overall league standing by running well around Moanbaun Wood.Tuesday was yet another fine evening which offered entrants an excellent opportunity for an outdoor adventure in the woods. We were delighted to welcome some visiting orienteers to the event and it was also lovely to see some of our regulars bringing their visiting relations to the event. We hope you all enjoyed the experience.

The Short course at 3.3km might have been a little longer than normal but the planner designed it to take participants on a nice loop along the forest road with a few little excursions into the wood for some controls. The Long course with 19 controls was a true test of navigational skills and speed. The 5.2km course took full advantage of the nicer sections of the wood with clusters of controls positioned in these areas. Between these bunches of controls competitors speed was tested as they bounded along the forest road which connected these areas of the map.

The course commenced with a short run toward the first area of runnable forest. Here there were a series of short legs taking in a knoll, a depression and another carefully constructed hide which required several changes in direction which tested competitor’s ability to navigate through this section of forest. There was a choice of routes on the leg from 3 to 4 with the option to go straight taking a gamble on the ability to successfully get through the area of dense forest or alternately adopt the saver but slightly longer route along the forest road. Having punched control 4 some folks may have been tempted to cut through the forest to reach control 5, others may have opted to stick to the forest road which provided faster running.

From 5 there was some nice fast road running toward the next cluster of controls in and around the quarry on the northern section of the map with competitors punching two controls en route. Another series of short fast legs awaited entrants in this section of the course. The soaring heat on the night added to the difficult of traversing this open sandy area. Once control 11 was reached it was then time to exit this sector of the map. The leg from 11 to 12 may have persuaded some to risk the most direct route but the vegetation fight presented more challenges that anticipated. Others opted to exit the quarry via the route they entered and while they may have encountered fellow competitors entering this area on the narrow track it was probably the fastest route to control 12.

Another section of road running ensued before a return to the forest for the next series of short legs taking in controls 13, 14 and 15 in the runnable forest. From 15 there was a long run along the forest road to control 16 on the boundary between the forest and the new area of rough open, a result of some recent clear felling. This control seemed to catch numerous people out on the night with may entering the wood to early on the approach. Once 16 was eventually located there was one final stint of short controls in the forest to complete before hitting the home straight and sprinting to the finish.Despite having covered close to 7km on the course there was serious competition on the night. The Long course event winner title when to Conrad Daly who utilised his speed and orienteering skills to complete the course in a time of 35:13. In the process he completed a hat trick of event wins in the 2019 summer league and furthermore has secured the 2019 Long Course Men’s Champion title as it is now impossible for any of his rivals to catch him. Chasing Conrad around Moanbaun Wood on Tuesday night was Niamh Corbett who was runner-up having completed the course in a time of 36:41. The second fastest man on Tuesday nights testing course was Dan McDonnell. He punched all 19 controls in a time of 39:09. The final podium spot in the men’s section went to John Scannell who finished in a time of 41:54.As mentioned already Niamh Corbett was event runner-up on the night and also the fastest Lady around the wood. We would like to extend a big congratulations to Niamh not just on her win on the night but on her selection for the Irish Senior Orienteering Squad who will travel to the World Orienteering Championships in Norway in August. This is a busy time for Niamh who has just returned from the Irish team selection races in Norway and next week will depart for the European University Orienteering Championships in the Czech Republic. We were delighted to see her take in a summer league event when she is back in Cork and we wish her the best of luck in these big races over the summer. Runner-up on the night was Aoife O’Sullivan she finished in a time of 44:32. Aoife has just recently returned from EYOC where her post-race interview appeared on Belarusian TV. Well done Aoife on representing Ireland so well. Third place went to one of our visiting orienteers Olivia Larsson. Olivia didn’t let the unfamiliar terrain slow her down and she completed the course in a time of 52:12.

On the Short course two of the Bosonnet siblings battled it out for the Short course event winner honour. Isaac narrowly edged our Chiara for the victory when he completed the course in a time of 21:21. Like Conrad this win gives Isaac a hat trick of event wins in the league to date. Chiara took the runner up spot when she punched the finish just over a minute later in a time of 22:34. Third place went to Eoin Sweeney who punched all 12 controls in a time of 29:15.Well done to all who participated on the night. Full individual results with splits times are available at the following link:

Thanks, this week go to Dermot O’Sullivan for planning and organising the event. Thanks also to Liam O’Brien for assisting with registration and Dave O’Donovan for taking care of starts. We were also very grateful to Liam and Conrad Daly for assisting with control collection.

The final competitive event in the 2019 Summer League will take place at Ballyannon Wood in Midleton next Tuesday night. This ancient woodland with its ruined cottages, boathouses and sandy shore lines has challenged many at previous events on this map.  A useful tip for next week would be to check the tides! Further forest trivia and directions are available here:

The small wood with its intricate network of paths will provide a testing challenge for the conclusion of the competitive element of our summer league.

Hope you can join us.