Summer League Leaderboard

Post date: Jul 16, 2013 8:46:8 AM

With just one competitive event to go in the 2013 Summer League, that is this evening at Curragh Woods, let's take a look at the leaderboard. Full results are available here for the Individual League:, and here for the Team League:

On the Short course, the top two positions have already been decided. Joe Bosonnet's run at UCC last week brought his points total to 14. This great score, including 3 first place wins, has secured him the title of Short course champion for this year. In last year's league he took Bronze on the Short course, so the pressure is off this evening knowing he has Gold in the bag. League newcomer Sarah Fitzgerald has taken well to orienteering, with some good results particularly in recent weeks. Sarah's 38 points puts her in 2nd place in the league, out of reach of any other contenders. Jerry Moynihan is currently in 3rd place with 60 points, but the Bronze medal position is wide open and up for the taking. Good runs at Curragh Woods from Sienna Bosonnet, Barry Ryan, Jamie Condon or Kate Coleman could all potentially clench them that podium position.

On the Men's Long course, it looks like we already have a winner. CillĂ­n Corbett currently has 10 points, putting him out of reach of any of the other competitors. His father Brian Corbett sits in 2nd place on 15 points, but his position is far from secure. Jonathan Lucey and Donal Murphy both have 18 points, and both have the potential to knock Brian from his second place position. The maths doesn't favour Aidan Kelleher, and it looks like he will finish the league in 5th place regardless of what happens at Curragh Woods this evening. Despite a win on home turf at UCC last week, last year's league winner Rob McEvoy has left it too late for a top five bid and will need to run well this evening to stay ahead of Thomas Callery and Sean Murphy.

On the Ladies' Long course, it's a family affair as Niamh Corbett has already clenched the title with a "perfect six" score. This puts her out of reach of last year's league winner Ailbhe Creedon, who currently has 10 points. Trishia O'Mahony is in 3rd place on 13 points, but looking at the results it seems that she won't be able to beat Ailbhe to the Silver medal position. Race reporter Elaine Sheridan is in 4th place with 18 points; however again from the results table it looks like she won't be able to catch Trishia. In fact, the only bit of uncertainty in the Ladies' Long course centres around 5th place, where Deirdre Creedon has the potential to upset Liz Deane with a good run at Curragh Woods.

Things are much less predictable in the Team event. Regular readers of our e-Group who haven't visited our website ( may not realise that there is a Team event at all. Five weeks ago we grouped frequent Summer League attenders into 9 different teams. Each team is made up of Short course and Long course competitors. The team members were balanced in terms of ability, based on the results from the first 5 weeks in the league. Now that we are at the business end of the League, the team scores are very close and the competition is wide open.

With just one competitive event to go in the league, it really is still all to play for this evening at Curragh Woods for our teams. Every team should now be aiming to drop the score from their worst event and replace it with a better score from the Curragh Woods event. This will be easier for some than for others. Team South are currently in the lead with 90 points, and this evening they need improve on the 36 points that they are carrying from Walshtown if they are to lower their overall score and put pressure on the other teams. Team True North must get lower than 26 points if they are to have any hope of catching Team South. Team Magnetic North will have to score 19 or lower to reach the top. Team South-East would need 17 or lower, and Team South-West would need 10 or lower. After that we are into single figures - difficult to achieve, but not impossible. Team West would need 8 points or lower, and Team East would need 7 points or lower to leap up the table and clench the title. The Summer League team crown is unfortunately beyond the reach of Team North-West and Team North-East, so they will undoubtedly be battling to stay off the wooden spoon position at the bottom of the table.

Hope to see you at Curragh Woods this evening. And if you can't make it, don't forget our last Summer League event will be at Farran Forest Park on July 23rd, which is a fun event with prize-giving and BBQ afterwards.