Summer League Teams

Post date: Jun 17, 2013 8:57:18 AM

Some people might have noticed that we dropped the "Inter-firm" part of our Summer League this year, due to a declining number of teams entering in recent years. This year we have decided to try out something new - Summer League Teams! Anyone who has been to two or more events in the league so far has been placed on a team - see the team-sheets below. 

At the end of the league, each member of the winning team (i.e. the team with the lowest number of overall points) will receive a prize. So if your own Summer League individual campaign isn't going so well, you can still battle it out and try to score points for your team. With 5 events down and 5 to go, it is all to play for! 

Click here for the current team league tables.

How did we choose the teams?

We analysed the results from the first five events in the league. Anyone who has been to two or more events has been placed on a team - this meant that 110 people were divided into 9 teams. We gave everyone a ranking, based on their average placing at the events they have attended so far in the league. Using the rankings, we filled out the teams as fairly as we could. Teams are made up of Men from the Long Course, Women from the Long Course, and mixed competitors from the Short Course.

How are the scores calculated?

Like the results in the Individual league, scores are based on where you place each week, within your category. So Men on the Long Course race against one another, Women on the Long Course race against one another, and competitors on the Short Course race against one another. Each week, we want the best 5 performances from people on a team to count towards their team score for that week. But to even things out and make sure that every team member has the chance to score valuable points for their team, we have given people handicap points, based on their performances to date in the league. So for example if you have 10 handicap points and you finish 16th in your category, then you can score 6 points for your team that week.

At the end of the league, a team's total score will be made up of the combined scores from that team's best 5 events. The team with the lowest total score after week 10 will be declared the winner.

I'm still confused by this and have many questions...

That's ok! I don't blame you :) If you have any questions (details of rankings, etc) please contact me (Rob) at:

fixtures (at) corko (dot) net

and I'll do my best to answer your questions or fix any mistakes. Or track me down at one of the remaining events.

Summer League Teams 2013