Ten Elements of Orienteering - Start 'n Finish

Post date: Jul 12, 2014 12:42:22 AM

This week's video in the Ten elements of orienteering video series focuses on - Start 'n Finish

This is the ninth in a series of short training videos produced by the Irish Orienteering Association to help you learn the skills needed to orienteer. This video provides some detail on what you can expect to find at the start and finish at a big event. We hope you enjoy the video and if you ever have any questions just ask any of our experienced club members at our event in Curragh Wood on Tuesday evening. You will find them at registration and at the start.


At big orienteering events such as the Munster Championships or Irish Orienteering Championships pre-registration is required and competitors are allocated individual start times. During these events competitors are called up in advance of their start time in intervals of typically one minute. A start box as illustrated in the picture below is in operation. In the -3 minute box competitors SI numbers are checked versus their entry. In the -2 minute box competitors are often give a preview of the blank map. In the -1 minute box competitors are instructed where their course map can be lifted from once they start. When your start time arrives you generally punch the start box, collect your map and you are off one you course.


The finish at large events is often taped from the last control. It may contain a finish banner as well as the finish control. Once you punch the finish you've completed your course and the final step is to proceed to download and obtain your finish time and a copy of your splits if they are available.