Tramore Valley Park Relay Results

Tramore Valley Park Relay Results

Thanks to everyone who entered our Fun Relay event in Tramore Valley Park on Tuesday evening.

We hope you enjoyed the change in format and the competitive action of the relay race. With each team having to complete a Short leg and a Long leg the objective was to pair up many of our regular Long course participants with some of our habitual Short course contestants.  As the event also included a group start it provided the perfect opportunity for all our summer league followers to mingle.

While some participants came with pre-arranged partnerships other pairings were formed on the night. We did our best to keep the teams as even and fair as possible. Orienteering really is a sport for all the family and participants of all ages can par take and this was most evident in many of the alliances formed on Tuesday night. As is evident in the results there were plenty of family combinations with siblings, husband/wife, mother/daughter, mother/son, father/daughter and father/son pairings. Fantastic to see such great team work.

Once all the teams were registered our planner gave a brief explanation of the handover process, then all 24 first leg runners were called to the start line. The maps were distributed and the countdown began. Once the GO instruction was issued most competitors sprinted off in all directions while others paused to get their bearings before embarking on their course. In a relay race it can be easy for competitors to get distracted by the sight of other orienteers and follow them rather than read the map. 

The short leg comprised a fast loop around the pitches and allowed waiting runners to view their progress. There were two variants of the Long course and a control at the top of the hill provided the focal point for a few butterfly loops. As a result contestants paths crossed multiple times in the park as they traversed up and around the hill top. The latter section of the Long course included a spectator control so team members could see and encourage their partners. 

A novel surprise awaited all competitors at the download as they were handed an ice-cream to help cool down after their run.

As always the competition was fierce on the night and there was just 12 seconds between our top two teams. Jack Hanafin and Roberta Doorley narrowly edged out the Bosonnet siiblings to take the title of Relay Champions. They completed both legs in a time of 32:03. Runners up honours went to Joe and Chiara Bosonnet who finished in a time of 32:15. The final podium spot when to Colm O'Sullivan and Daithi Collins who completed their courses in a total time of 33:55.

Well done to all who participated on the night. The full relay results can be viewed below.

The Autumn League continues next Tuesday with a return to our usual Long/Short course format in Farran Forest Park.

Hope you can join us.

Tramore Valley Park Relay Results