Autumn League #1: Currabinny Wood Tuesday August 26th Results and Report

Post date: Aug 27, 2014 7:30:56 PM

The first event in the Cork Orienteering Club Autumn league saw a return to Currabinny Wood for some challenging orienteering on this hillock. On our last visit to this area the resident midge population irritated our competitors no end. Thankfully, there were no midge present on this occasion and instead all 64 entrants got to enjoy a glorious evening in a very picturesque location, not to mention some testing orienteering.

Having become accustomed to the fine weather over the course of the summer the showers over the last few days threatened to put a dampen on the first event of our Autumn series. Luckily, the rain finally stopped and we experienced a lovely dry and warm evening for the event. Competitors travelled from near and far to participate and we were particularly delighted to welcome Gints from Waterford Orienteers (WATO). While the back to school blues may be beginning to kick in for some it was fantastic to see many families in attendance on the night. Several entrants were keen to get their hands on their Summer League t-shirts and some even tested them out on the night.

The 4.6km Advanced course offered lots of route choice from the start. The planner designed several of the legs to entice competitors to take the shorter straight line routes through some of the areas of slow run. I'm sure some local knowledge helped many to minimise the risk in taking the direct approach and their efforts were rewarded in the split times. The legs from 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 forced everyone into a lovely area of forest run and no doubt many exited this area at unintended locations.

Some careful contouring did help to eliminate additional climb on some legs. However there was really no avoiding the physical climb from control 9 to 10. Some may have been heard afterwards describing this leg as evil but is did give all in attendance a true appreciation of the hill that is Currabinny! Weary from a demanding course the planner had a final surprise in store for participants on the run in which certainly didn't lend itself to a sprint finish. Another steep climb was required from control 15 to the finish and as a results lots of exhausted bodies were seen lying in the vicinity of the finish control. Notably it was Stephen Murphy who won the run in with a split time of one minute and eight seconds.

We hope you all weren't too rusty after the short break and didn't make any major errors on your adventure around Currabinny. Giants have been associated with Currabinny in the past but it seems a new fairy population is making their presence known in the wood these days. I'm sure some of the very observant orienteers in the field spotted some of their little doors at various locations around the wood on Tuesday evening!

On the Advanced course Cillin Corbett continued were he left off in the Summer League and took the event win. He completed the demanding course in a time of 27:48 making short work of the 215 metres of climb. Conrad Daly showed some skilful navigation and speed and took second with a time of 31:20. The final podium spot went to Agris Kramins who punched all 15 controls in a time of 32:47.

The fastest lady around Currabinny on Tuesday night was Cillin's sister Niamh Corbett. Her orienteering aptitude led to her completing the Advanced course in a time of 41:15. Second place on the night went to Elaine Sheridan who finished in a time of 42:46. Trishia O'Mahony claimed third place finishing in a time of 45:58.

On the Explorer course it was Clare Nuttall who was fastest in the field as she completed the 2.8km course in a time of 30:07. The team work of Mary and Jade earned them the runners-up spot on the night. They finished in a time of 32:13. However, hot on their heels was Agris's daughter Zane Kramina who was just 34 seconds behind them as she punched all 13 controls in a time of 32:37 thus ensuring podium honours for both father and daughter on the night.

Well done to all who participated. Full individual results with split times are available here.

Thanks to Gerald Duffy for planning and organising the event and Rob McEvoy for controlling the event. Thanks also to Ailbhe Creedon and Cathal Turner for helping with starts and Donal Burke, Pat Murphy and John Scannell for their help with control collection and parking duties.

The second event in our Autumn league will see us return to the Regional Park Ballincollig. This flat parkland terrain will hopefully prove less strenuous than the terrain at Currabinny. The popularity of the area unfortunately means this event will see the return of old style manual punching. Check out the link below for a map and some area

Hope to see you there.