SL2013 Teams Update after Event 7

Post date: Jun 27, 2013 2:22:1 PM

90 competitors took to the trails of Moanbaun Wood on Tuesday evening, many of them out to earn valuable points for their teams. So how did the teams fare this week? A full break-down of the scores for this week can be found here: Summer League Team Results.

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The return of Danny O'Hare saw Team East take the top spot this week, with 12 points. Danny scored a valuable 3 points from the Men's Long course, but it was in fact David Moylan who did best for Team East, coming 9th on the Short course. With 15 handicap points from his results earlier in the league, this meant David scored -6 for his team with his greatly improved performance this week. Clare Nuttall, Rachel Fitzgerald and Deirdre Mannix produced the rest of the team's 12 points.

The second best team this week was Team Magnetic North, with 14 points. As usual, Niamh Corbett contributed a point with her win in the Ladies Long course, before jetting off to the Junior World Orienteering Champs. The Short course competitors proved themselves the most valuable team members this week with Sarah Fitzgerald, Jamie Condon and Matthew Kearney all scoring well for their team. The final team member to contribute was Pat O'Donovan, the only man from Team Magnetic North on the Long course this week.

Last week's leaders Team True North slipped back this week, finishing with 21 points. Here, Brian Corbett and Jerry Moynihan led the way with strong performances on the Long and Short courses, each scoring 2 points. Timur Kelin and Ann Conroy scored 4 points each, and the team's score was rounded off with 9 points from Caroline Dennehy.

Just one point behind was Team West with 22 points. With no Short course competitors from their team finishing, a good turn-out from the Long course team members ensured 4th place for Team West this week. Jim O'Donovan, Cillin Corbett, Jim Callanan and Denis Power scored a total of 20 points on the Men's Long course, with the final 2 points coming from the consistent Trishia O'Mahony on the Ladies' Long course.

Close behind on 24 points was Team South-West, where once more the Short course runners shouldered the team, and out-performed their team-mates from the Men's long course! Best scores here came from Kate Coleman, Billy Caball, the Kearney family and Kyle Holland. Elaine Sheridan brought the team home with 3 points from the Ladies' Long course.

The other teams scored as follows:

Team North-East: 30 points

Team North-West: 42 points

Team South-East: 45 points

Unfortunately Team South only had four runners this week, so despite Joe Bosonnet winning the Short course, there were not enough members to make up the team score.

So, after 7 out of 10 events, the league table looks like this:

Team True North is still at the top, but Team Magnetic North has moved into second place and is behind by the narrowest of margins. Team West is also moving up the leader-board, and Team North-West is the only team yet to complete 5 events. Remember, it's a team's best 5 events in the league that will count towards their final score.

Next week we're off to Ballyannon Wood where Aidan Kelleher (Team South) is the planner and Gerald Duffy (Team East) is event controller. Will their organisers points give their teams the boost they need? Will the Corbetts continue to dominate on Teams True North, Magnetic North and West? Will Team North-West field a full team? Join us for the next thrilling installment!