Summer League #4: Regional Park Ballincollig, Tuesday June 4th Event Info

Post date: Jun 01, 2019 6:49:16 PM

The fourth event in the Cork Orienteering Club Summer League will take place on Tuesday June 4th at the Regional Park Ballincollig. Please note this event will start from the MIDDLE CAR PARK and the race format will be different to our other Summer League events so please pay particular attention to the Course information below.The park extends along the south bank of the river Lee and the terrain is mixed parkland, with fast grass and path sections, some forest run and some undergrowth. The land was originally part of the Ballincollig Gunpowder Mills and the eastern end of the park is where the many ruins of the old Gunpowder Factory are still visible. Interesting route choice is provided by the limited number of crossing points along the canals and millraces which run throughout the park.*****************COURSE INFO:We'd decided to mix things up a bit next Tuesday so there will be a change to the usual Summer League format and this event in the Regional Park Ballincollig will be a "SCORE" Event.The pre-printed maps will NOT have a defined course and there will be NO FIXED (1,2,3,4 etc...) control punching sequence. The map will have 25 control sites and the aim is to punch as many of these controls as possible within the time allocated (40 MINUTES). Points will be rewarded for each control punched. Some of the more difficult controls are in areas with brambles and nettles so full leg cover is probably advisable.There is a 40 minute time limit, five points will be DEDUCTED for each minute (or part of a minute) you are over the 40 minutes!

So BRING A WATCH and keep an eye on the time!

There is NO NEED TO PUNCH THE START, but please remember to "CLEAR" at registration if you bring your own SI card.

(Tip: don't all rush to the nearest control, or you will end up queuing at it, you can always get it at the end.)

All controls from the park will be removed at 8pm.


START TIMES:To make things more exciting on the night we plan to have TWO GROUP STARTS where competitors will all start at the same time.The first group start will be at 5:45pm and the second group start will be at 6:40pmThese group starts will give everyone the opportunity to meet and socialize with fellow competitors before the racing commences. It will be a great opportunity to discuss race tactics and the optimum approach to scoring the most points. Furthermore, as everyone should finish around the same time you can also evaluate your points total and score strategy with fellow competitors.So please select the start time that suits you PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY AND ALLOW PLENTY OF TIME TO REGISTER BEFORE YOUR CHOSEN START TIME!****************DIRECTIONS:The event will start from the MIDDLE CAR PARK of Ballincollig Regional Park, behind the church in Innishmore, 10km west of Cork city.From the roundabout in the centre of Ballincollig main street (beside Tesco), head North down past Tesco, take the first left, then turn right after the church. The park car park is on the right.Follow the link below for a map and other park info: is limited and is used by the allotments, so please car pool, use public transport or cycle if possible. Excess parking may be available on the public road in front of the church. Please note that theĀ  Park gates close at 8pm. Cars still in the car park after 8pm will be locked in overnightpAs always DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES ON VIEW IN YOUR CAR.Hope you can join us!