Summer League #5: Warrenscourt Wood Tuesday June 9th Results and Report

Post date: Jun 11, 2015 8:40:17 AM

Warrenscourt Wood was the destination for the fifth event in the CorkO Summer League. The blue skies and sunshine that we’ve become accustomed to over the last few days would encourage everyone to get active in the outdoors. The 94 competitors who journeyed west to Kilmurry got to have some fun in the open air while completing their orienteering course in the picturesque surrounds of Warrenscourt Wood on a truly fabulous summers evening.It is wonderful to see so many individuals and families supporting us at the various locations on our Summer League tour. We are delighted to welcome so many familiar faces each week and come next week we will no doubt have quite a few Summer League finisher. These participants will have their summer league t-shirt secured and will certainly be looking to improve on their overall league standing over the remaining events.This week the planners mentioned that the Short course was buggy friendly and these competitors got to enjoy a scenic loop around the wood. However, the planners failed to reveal that some sections of the Long course were best suited to those of a short stature! While the early section of the course took participants into the open forest were they had to spot a few distinctive trees in the wood the legs from 4 through 9 were in an area of slow forest run.Here the low hanging branches required a lot of ducking and weaving to find the clearest route through but even with this some reverted to crawling on their hands and knees. The slow going in this region generated a bit of congestion at times and competitors may have resembled a trail of ants scurrying along the forest. Full leg cover was recommended but full body cover would have been best for barging through this terrain. Several finishers were later spotted pulling twigs, leaves and buds from their hair and clothing.Following control 10 the running really opened up along the forest tracks. The planners had a little fun this week and incorporated a spectator control. Control 15 of the 18 controls on the Long course was positioned at the foot bridge near the car park which took participants back to the registration area prior to completing a loop down the old Butter road which incorporated a lovely pocket of runnable forest before returning to the finish in the car park. This spectator control caused a small amount of confusion as some struggled to spot it on the map, others struggled to see it at the bridge and more mistook it for the finish. It is very easy to get distracted when you are conscious of being watched!Once again the refreshments at the download were most welcome particularly following the fast pace of the final sector of the course. Unfortunately, the midge also made an appearance at the finish but thankfully they didn’t prevent several finishers from enjoying a post run picnic. Following an action packed evening in Warrenscourt Wood on exiting Kilmurry village on the drive home the long bright evening revealed a panorama of the Derrynasaggart and Boggeragh mountains with clear views of the Paps, Mullaghanish, Mushera More and Mushera Beg.

Despite the scrambling in the early section of the course the final loop provided an opportunity for some fast running and a chance to push hard and gain precious seconds over ones nearest rival. So by the end of the evening there was only 17 seconds differentiating the top three finishers on the Long course. Building on from her great run last week Niamh Corbett bounded up the old Butter road and jumped two places in the results this week and took the title of Warrenscourt Wood event winner. She punched all 18 controls in a time of 30:22. It has been quite some time since the fastest lady has also been the event winner so huge congratulations to Niamh on a fantastic run. Conrad Daly was hot on Niamh’s heels all the way but finished nine seconds behind her and had to be satisfied with the runners up spot. Niamh’s Dad Brian was also pushing hard for the event win but finished 8 seconds behind Conrad with a time of 30:39 and took third place on the night.As mentioned already Niamh Corbett was the fastest lady around Warrenscourt Wood the runners-up honour went to Eibhlin Cleary who completed the testing course in a time of 41:44. There was a close contest for the final podium spot but Elaine Sheridan saw off the challenge from Trishia O’Mahony. She had just 13 seconds to spare when she finished with a time of 45:31.On the Short course Matthew Kearney achieved his fifth consecutive event win when he completed the course in a time of 19 minutes and 34 seconds. Matthew has demonstrated very consistent running in the 2015 Summer League to date and one more event win and he will have the perfect points total attaining the minimum total possible in the overall results table. This is no mean fate.There was a tough battle for the runners-up honour on Tuesday and a meagre 18 seconds separated the next two finishers. Liam Twomey just edged out Rob Hickey for the runners-up accolade. Liam completed the course in a time of 21:13. Rob had to settle for third place on the night finishing in a time of 21:31.We would like to apologies to all our short course participants for not being able to give them their correct finish time on the night. One of our SI units malfunctioned at the event and as a result distorted all the times. The issue has been addressed and full individual results with split times are available here.A few photos from the event have also been posted in the Gallery section of our website.

Huge thanks this week goes to Ben Gearey and Danny O’Hare for planning, organising and controlling the event. Thanks also to Dave O’Donovan for getting everyone started in the right direction and Cathal Turner for his nimble typing on the data entry. Thanks also to Bobby O’Connor, Jim O’Donovan, Sinead O’Donoghue, Gerald Duffy and Rob McEvoy for assisting with control collection.

Next Tuesday evening will see us converge in the historic setting of James’ Fort, Kinsale for the sixth event in the league. From previous visits to this location many will recall that this pentagonal Fort with its spear shaped earthen Bastions at the corners is surrounded by open hillside while others may only remember the delicious ice-cream they received at our last Summer League event in this picturesque setting.

Further information on the location and directions are available here.

If the fine spell continues you may even get to enjoy a cool down dip at the Dock beach following your run.

Hope you can join us next week.