Summer League #6: James' Fort, Kinsale TUESDAY JUNE 16TH Event Info

Post date: Jun 12, 2015 12:17:4 PM

The sixth event in the CorkO Summer League will take place at James' Fort, Kinsale on Tuesday June 16th.This historic fort is a very unique orienteering destination. The area is comprised of open hillside surrounding the pentagonal Fort with its spear shaped earthen Bastions. The earthen moat encircling the Fort can present some navigational challenges while other novel features on the map include the sandy beach and stone tunnels but don’t forget to duck when negotiating the latter. The planner has posted a few teaser photos on our facebook site ( of what might be in store for competitors at the event on Tuesday night. Given the compact nature of this area participants will no doubt cross paths many times over the duration of their course as they traverse the sloping hills around the fort.



SHORT COURSE 1.6km, 70m climb, 17 controls.

Suitable for beginners, juniors and families. Buggy friendly!

LONG COURSE 4.1km, 175m climb, 24 controls.

Suitable for improvers and more experienced orienteers.

This week the Long course is in "MOTALA" format. There will be two common ('butterfly') controls, each giving rise to two loops of controls (i.e. four different loops in total). This allows us to print four different maps - but in reality all runners will cover the same distance and complete the same legs, just in a different order. 

We encourage you to start with a partner and RACE HEAD-TO-HEAD… if you are evenly matched, then you should see your partner back at the common controls, at the start and end of each loop.

Things to note for the Long course:

- There are two sides to the map - ensure you start at control #1, and turn over after punching control #13

- Control descriptions and codes are printed on the map - check these carefully

- Remember that you must punch the common controls at the start/end of each loop

- LEG COVER is recommended

- Most of the other runners on the Long course have a different map to you - don't be confused by other runners!



Start anytime from 5:30pm to 7:00pm.

Courses will close at 8:00pm.



Event registration will take place up AT THE FORT itself - look out for the red CorkO tent which we plan to pitch on the western bastion of the fort. 

The registration tent is a short, 350m walk (+20m climb) from The Dock pub. From the front of the pub, walk north to Castlepark Marina, then follow the footpath to the right, which leads up to the fort. To save yourself a trip back to your car, please bring everything you require (keys, clothing, SI card, entry fee, etc.) with you to the registration tent.



The event will be signposted from the R600, on the road from Kinsale to Ballinspittle. As you leave Kinsale, on the south side of the bridge over the River Bandon, look for an orienteering sign pointing east towards Castlepark peninsula and James' Fort. A location map is available here:



The road approaching The Dock bar, Dock beach and Castlepark marina will be very busy at this time of the evening. Please park legally and with consideration.

Reminder that SI cards are available to purchase at all our events.

Hope you can join us for some fun at the Fort.