Summer League #9: Warrenscourt Wood, Lissarda TUESDAY JULY 5TH Event Info

Post date: Jul 03, 2016 1:20:19 AM

The next event in the CorkO Summer League will take place in Warrenscourt Wood near Lissarda on TUESDAY JULY 5TH.Warrenscourt is infamous for brambles and last year's Long course at this destination required a lot of scrambling through dense forest and around some of these rather unpleasant brambles. So following our last visit to Warrenscourt Wood many regular summer league supporters returned home with a variety of woodland debris embedded in their hair and o-gear.This year's planners have reliably informed me that Tuesday's courses have been set so that no where do you need to go through brambles. The planners have recently remapped the area and the courses will avoid the denser bits of forest used last year. There will however be a number of controls in a small area of the wood that has an intricate network of drains and streams. One of these is reportedly 4 feet deep in places but the good news is that it is not particularly wide and can be comfortably stepped over. So do exercise caution in this area and try and avoid creating a splash!Sounds like some interesting and challenging orienteering courses await those who venture west next Tuesday evening.**************************COURSE INFOShort course will be 2.1kmLong course will be 4.3km

The map scale is 1: 5,000



Start anytime from 5:30pm to 7pm



The event will be signposted from Lissarda on the N22 Cork-Macroom road and the start will be at the Kilmurry entrance to the forest. A location map is available here:



Please park with consideration. If you are travelling alone in a car, consider parking up in the village and walking/jogging the 500m down to the wood as parking space in the wood are limited. If parking in the wood please do not block the access road by parking on the narrow parts!

Hope you can join us next Tuesday evening.